Christian Teacher Jailed For Using Wrong Pronouns

As the days go on more and more Christians will be jailed due to the fact we have entered into an age where good is seen as evil and evil is seen as good.

According to a report by Faithwire, Enoch Burke, who teaches history at Wilson’s Hospital School in Ireland, was taken into custody on Monday after he violated a court order that ordered him to cease teaching classes or even be present on the campus of the school after he reportedly refused to call a boy student a girl.

He is now being held in Mountjoy Prison, and he won’t be released from there until either he apologizes for his “contempt” or the court gives further orders. Michael Quinn, a judge of the High Court, was the one who first issued the decision.

The problems for Burke started when he insisted on referring to a student who was going through the process of transitioning from identifying as male to identifying as female as “they” rather than “he.” Because of the educator’s “defiance”, the school administration has decided to put him on paid administrative leave until the conclusion of the disciplinary investigation.

The educator who was facing disciplinary action said before the judge, “I adore my school, with its motto, ‘Actions Not Words but I am standing here today because I pledged that I would not refer to a male as a female.”

On Friday, Quinn filed a warrant for Burke’s arrest when it was discovered that he was on the school grounds, sitting in an empty classroom. It is likely that this was a symbol of Burke’s protest against the infringement of his truly held Christian values by the school and governmental authorities.

His statement before the court was, “Transgenderism is against my Christian conviction.” It is against the teachings of the Holy Scriptures, as well as the mission and values of my own institution, the Church of Ireland.

On Monday, Burke was arrested and hauled straight to court for his first appearance. He explained to the court that he could not comply with the injunction that had been issued against him because it went against his deeply held religious convictions. Burke provided an explanation, saying, “I am a teacher, and I don’t want to go to jail.” “I want to be in my classroom today. That’s where I was when the police came this morning and arrested me.”

According to The Irish Times, the teacher, who does not have a history of criminal activity, is scheduled to be brought in with the regular jail population on Tuesday.  Burke is scheduled to appear before the judge once again on Wednesday.

In several countries across the world using the wrong pronouns for people is illegal. For instance, in 2017 Canada passed a law that made it unlawful to use incorrect gender pronouns. Canadians who do not agree with progressive gender theory might be charged with hate crimes, sent to prison, fined, and forced to complete anti-bias training if the law is passed as it now stands.

The Senate of Canada voted 67-11 in favor of Bill C-16, which incorporates the terms “gender identity” and “gender expression” into both the country’s Human Rights Code and the hate crime category of its Criminal Code.

This story syndicated with permission from anthony, Author at Trending Politics

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