Climate Czar Kerry Quite the Frequent Flyer!

Sometimes things should just be obvious. If you want to hire someone to train you and help get you in shape, you don’t hire a fat guy. Let’s say you need to find a new family physician; you probably wouldn’t use one that was ripping a heater as he did your exam. Dentist with no teeth? Blind Uber driver? No and heck no!

Yep, some things are as obvious as they look. Take climate czar John Kerry for instance. Brandon appointed Kerry the “climate czar” after he took office to personally address world leaders and try to solve this supposed “existential threat”. Whatever. Kerry doesn’t believe that climate change is an existential threat any more than border czar Kamala Harris could take you on a guided tour of our Southern Border. What brings me to this conclusion? Well, how about backing your words up with actions? Check this out from the Free Beacon:

In his role as President Joe Biden’s climate czar, John Kerry has flown more than 180,000 miles—flights that emitted more than 9.5 million pounds of carbon, a Washington Free Beacon analysis found.

Folks, that’s a lot of frequent flyer miles, and a TON of carbon; 4.772 tons of carbon to be exact. Now, I don’t expect old stone face Kerry to walk everywhere, but how about at least PRETENDING to care about what you draw a (undeserved) paycheck for, eh John? I mean if everyone’s favorite Swedish meatball Gret Thunberg can take a sailboat to the climate summit in New York City, Kerry can surely go Greyhound on occasion!

Thunberg traveled from Europe to a climate summit in New York City via sailboat to achieve carbon neutrality. Kerry, meanwhile, has argued that people won’t have to “give up a quality of life” to defeat climate change because carbon reductions “are going to come from technologies that we don’t have yet.” Thunberg ridiculed the comment, tweeting, “Great news! I spoke to Harry Potter and he said he will team up with Gandalf, Sherlock Holmes & The Avengers and get started right away!”

Make no mistake, I’m not a fan of an uber precocious Swedish actress portraying herself as the savior of the climate, but that was a good one. Greta needs to be careful though, she is carbon neutral but wicked roasts like that will raise world temperatures and maybe a polar bear will get a sniffle. Who knows? These folks don’t, that’s for sure.

I say this because actions speak louder than monotone words, in Kerry’s case. If you believe that we are all going to roast alive, while simultaneously battling floods and higher sea levels (sounds like one evens the other out), than you wouldn’t be jet setting around the world. Over and over. Did I mention the Kerry family jet? I guess it’s ok because they all share one. Congress needs a raise!

The Free Beacon reviewed 75 of Kerry’s official travel announcements from March 2021 to July 2022, which show Kerry has flown roughly 180,100 miles—the equivalent of traveling around the world more than seven times.

Kerry has long been considered a frequent flier—and frequent emitter. His family owns a Gulfstream GIV-SP private jet, which is estimated to be worth $4.5 million. Since Biden took office, that jet has made at least 48 trips, emitting more than 715,000 pounds of carbon in the process. 

John Kerry has been a very busy boy indeed! Seven trips around the world. I’m sure John Kerry’s suitcase looks like Indiana Jones suitcase with all the stickers from foreign locales. That’s a lot of carbon, so we are told. I don’t know how much is too much carbon, but we can trust the experts, right? We can trust our elected officials to really believe in their cause and be working for the greater good, right? Right?

I have a great idea! Maybe John Kerry can fly Kamala Harris to the border and together they can explain why folks need to breath less and emit less carbon! Nah, no way she goes to the border.

This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics

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