Crazy: Quick-Thinking Mom Has to Rush from Shower, Do This to Save Kids from Intruder

Normally, shower time is a time of steam, peace, and potentially off-key singing that’s a relaxing way to get some energy at the start of the day or relax at the end of the day. That’s doubly true for parents that need a break from their kids or to prepare to face the day and deal with moody teens.

Not for a Milwaukee mom and her two kids, all of whom were left shocked and traumatized by a self-defense situation they were put in when a strange man broke into their home.

She was, as KY3 reports, taking a shower before work on Monday morning when she heard her 11-year-old and 14-year-old kids screaming from her living room.

Jumping into action quickly as adrenaline pulsed through her, the mom, who asked KY3 to leave her unidentified, ran dripping wet into her bedroom and retrieved a firearm she owned. She had bought the firearm after foreseeing such a situation a decade ago when, to her horror, she found another strange man hiding under her son’s bed.

Armed with the firearm, she then confronted the male intruder as her dogs attempted to face him down. Undeterred by the firearm and dogs (how scary, imagine what sort of psycho isn’t scared by that combo), the man then charged her.

Proving the maxim that God might have created all people equal but it was Samuel Colt and his revolver that made them equal, the mom defended herself and her kids from the erratically acting man as he charged her, shooting him dead.

KY3 reports that a community activist named Bushraa Rahman both helped clean up the home following the shooting and spoke in her defense, saying:

“She was scared because her children were there with her. So, she did what any mother would do. She defended her children. It was an act of self-defense.

“In today’s day and age, with mental health and everything else that’s taking place in the world, I mean, you better protect yourself. To be honest, you have to.”

What’s sad is that what Rahman said is almost certainly true. Given the police pullback following the death of George Floyd and rise in anti-police sentiment that followed it, along with the ensuing rise in crime, many Americans have been put in a situation where they have to defend themselves from attackers.

The mother, who says her traumatized family will have to move out of the house because of the fear imparted on them by the attack and shooting situation, was arrested by police following the incident and then released after being held and questioned for three hours.

Though she was released, the case was submitted to the DA for review, which seems absurd given that she shot a strange man who was charging her in her own home after breaking in.

Leave the cities and blue states. It might save your life or preserve your freedom if you have to fire a firearm in self-defense.

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