Democrat El Paso Mayor Sends Migrants to NYC, What’s Eric Adams Think Now?

The Southern border is a complete failure, and illegal immigrants, most without American sponsors have been flooding across in record numbers. Subsequently, border towns have become overburdened, and their resources stretched to the breaking point. Joe Biden’s failed border policies have caused a humanitarian crisis like we have never seen before. In response, several Republican governors have been bussing and flying willing illegals to such posh liberal strongholds as Martha’s Vineyard, and sanctuary cities like DC, New York, and Chicago. Whether to relieve some of the pressure off the border towns or to goad Biden into actually fixing the border, the end result has been the same. Complaints from sanctuary cities that they can’t handle the migrants, and accusations from the left of human trafficking and political games. Recently, El Paso Mayor Oscar Leesner sent his own busses of migrants to New York City. The difference? Leesner is a Democrat.

“The people are not coming to El Paso, they’re coming to America, and that’s something that’s really important,” Mayor Oscar Leeser said in an appearance on ABC’s “This Week.”

Many of the asylum seekers from Venezuela, however, do not have “sponsors” in the US, leaving them without obvious destinations, Leeser noted.

“We have about 50 percent of the people today that do not have a sponsor, they don’t have money. So we’re helping and working to get them to where they want to go.”

How is this different from what DeSantis and Abbott are doing? What differentiates it so much that Eric Adams and his liberal pals aren’t melting down?

 Adams echoed Democratic counterpart’s point about “sponsors” — but did not directly address reports that his administration had agreed to receive as many as 200 migrants per day from El Paso.

“As the mayor of El Paso stated, these migrants and asylum seekers are not coming to any particular city. They’re coming to America,” Adams said Sunday.

So, when it is a Democrats idea everything is all good? This is the type of hypocrisy the left is known for, and Eric Adams isn’t even trying to hide it.

News of the deal on Friday came as Adams continued to denounce Republican governors over similar relocation program. The mayor has also repeatedly blamed the ongoing influx of new arrivals for overwhelming the city’s shelter system.

One must wonder, which is it? Is Eric Adams and NYC overwhelmed, or is a deal in place to accept up to 200 per day?

“As you saw the mayor of El Paso indicate that when you have sponsors, it’s an easier transition,” Adams said. “If we would have properly coordinated with the governors in these Southern states and state that, let’s find where the sponsors, we have large Venezuelan communities in America.”

“There was no coordination at all with Governor Abbott and Governor DeSantis just wanted to use this [as a] political ploy instead of understanding these are people, these are families, these are human beings.”

Despite Leesner’s assertion that fifty percent DON’T have sponsors and are helping them get where they want to go, Adams contends that the El Paso Mayor and the immigrants he sent to New York City are an “easier transition” because they have sponsors.  Which is it? Do these people not have sponsors as Leesner implied, or do they in fact have sponsors to ease the transition as Adam’s claims?

One thing is certain, DeSantis and Abbott pushed Eric Adam’s buttons, and now Adams is forced to contend with busses from El Paso without complaint, only further underscoring the hypocrisy of Eric Adams and the left.

This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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