Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer Has Spent Millions On MAGA Republicans Candidates, Here’s Why

That’s not a headline you read every day. Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer’s PAC has given a massive amount of money to Trump-backed candidates.

The White Mountain PAC made the announcement that it would spend approximately $5 million over the next 12 days to help state Sen. Chuck Morse in the primary race. Less than 24 hours later, the news broke that Schumer intends to spend $3 million of the Democrats’ money attacking Morse before the Republicans vote.

According to Fox News, Schumer’s Senate Majority PAC plans to begin airing an advertisement in New Hampshire that links Morse to Mitch McConnell, who has served as the longstanding leader of the Republican Senate Caucus.

The reason why Sen. Schumer is spending money on attack ads for Republicans is simple. Establishment Republicans loyal to Senator Mitch McConnell, the minority leader, are doing everything they can to stop Mr. Bolduc, a retired Army general who is a big Trump supporter. This is because they believe that Mr. Bolduc would be an uncompetitive candidate in the general election. For the very same set of reasons, Democrats in Washington are rooting for Mr. Bolduc to come out on top in the nomination race.

Here is the ad the Schumer PAC produced:

If Schumer’s PAC spends all its time attacking Chuck Morse, then General Bolduc could squeak out a big win. One way that would boost Bolduc in the polls is an endorsement from Trump. As of right now, Trump has yet to get involved in the New Hampshire Senate race but as the election draws near, Trump may give the nod to Bolduc.

Trump has however said he’s been watching the race, The New York Times added these details:

“So I’ve been watching it,” he said. “They want the endorsement. You know the numbers, I’m almost like at 99 percent on endorsements.” He added, speaking of Mr. Bolduc: “He said some great things, strong guy, tough guy. I think he’s doing very well, too. I hear he’s up, he’s up quite a bit.”

Here is General’s Bolduc advertisement and to be honest he looks like a great candidate:

There could be a very good chance that Bolduc comes out on top and the $3 million that Schumer has used against Chuck Morse will all go down the drain! The millions being pumped into New Hampshire by Democrats just goes to show that the swamp in Washington will spend as much as they can to install their puppets.

The Senate seat currently held by democrat Maggie Hassan was previously held by Republican Kelly Ayotte. If Trump gets involved in the race there’s a good chance that New Hampshire could turn red once again.

This story syndicated with permission from anthony, Author at Trending Politics

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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