Disgusting! Black Author Saira Rao Just Compared Republicans to Who?

You remember the Blue-Collar Comedy Tour from a few years ago? Larry the Cable Guy, Ron White, Jeff Foxworthy and his “you know you might be a redneck” shtick was hilarious! You know what’s not hilarious? Black female author Saira Rao calling all Republicans Nazis! You know you might be a Nazi if…Saira Rao says you are?

Why is this ok? Why is she allowed to go on Twitter and liken half of the country to Hitler era Germany without being swiftly and permanently being shown the door by Twitter? Oh, that’s right, she is black, a Communist, and Twitter is run by Communists. My bad!

To be clear, I am not familiar with any of her literary work, as I don’t support America hating people or companies if I can avoid it, but I’m sure she is a fun read! Check this out from The Blaze:

Saira Rao, who has previously said that looking at the U.S. flag makes her want to puke, has claimed that all Republicans are Nazis.

I have never met Saira Rao, and I am a Republican. I did not realize I am also a Nazi. Should I change my Twitter bio? Maybe update my Facebook page? I guess every day is a learning experience. I will draw the line at wearing jackboots though. Just not comfortable.

Rao has a very negative opinion of the United States. She previously described America as “a racist transphobic homophobic xenophobic ableist classist Islamophobic misogynistic dumpster fire. As such, seeing the American flag makes me want to vomit.”

I would suggest she see someone for her illness. If just seeing an American flag makes her want to vomit, that probably means she has something wrong with her stomach. Probably an ulcer from all the time she dedicates to hating America, white people, and white women in particular. Now she has added Nazis, I mean Republicans to her list. She is a busy lady!

Rao is a coauthor of the forthcoming book, “White Women: Everything You Already Know About Your Own Racism and How to Do Better.” A book description says that the work “is a call to action to those of you who are looking to take the next steps in dismantling white supremacy. Your white supremacy. If you are in fact doing real anti-racism work, you will find few reasons to be nice, as other white people want to limit your membership in the club. If you are not ticking white people off on a regular basis, you are not doing it right.”

Wow, white supremacy is a club? I mean, I get stuff all the time from AAA and the AARP, but I haven’t gotten anything from the white supremacy club. Is it like the old Columbia House record and tape club? Can I get 12 records and membership into white supremacy for a penny? If I’m going to be tempted to join the white supremacy club, they are going to have to do better than the AARP. Who needs another tote bag? Especially a white supremacist tote bag.

What an absolute delight Sairo Rao is. Just a wonderful human being, trying to foster peace and harmony regardless of your skin color. Can you even imagine a white author saying if you aren’t ticking off black people on a daily basis, you are doing it wrong? I certainly wouldn’t support that any more than I do the garbage Rao is spewing.

“It is wild how many folks STILL refuse to see how gun violence, climate catastrophe and poverty are directly tied to whiteness + capitalism,” Rao tweeted in June.

Yep, old whitey at it again, with the gun violence, poverty and climate issues. Thank goodness Rao figured us out before everything went totally to hell. Interestingly, Rao disabled her comments on the Nazi tweet. It would have been hugely entertaining to watch Twitter do to her what Twitter is good at; pointing out that she is an unhinged racist lunatic that shouldn’t even be writing cookbooks, no less books on white supremacy.

I’d love to dive deeper into Rao’s literary prowess, but apparently, I have to go shopping. I guess if I am going to be a Nazi, I am going to have to dress like one. Can I get that stuff at the Gap? Just curious.

This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics

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