Ex Scientology Boss Makes Shocking Claim About John Travolta!

Poor John Travolta just can’t win. I mean, don’t get me wrong, he’s obscenely rich and famous and most of us would love to have his problems, but relatively speaking Travolta has been taking some tough blows. Travolta lost his son Jett at age 16, Grease costar and good friend Olivia Newton John died earlier this year, and his wife Kelly Preston died of breast cancer a few years back.

Then there are the issues with the Church of Scientology and the gay rumors surrounding Travolta. It had long been whispered that John is, in fact secretly gay. Not a big deal in Hollywood or 2022, but for the face of the “religion”, it wasn’t a preferred look. The church allegedly brought in people to cover up rumors and dig up dirt on accusers, threatening lawsuits and at times physical harm. Scientology doesn’t outwardly reject homosexuality, but claims it can cure it, so if the face of your religion turns out to prefer other dudes, that’s not a good look. Recently one of the individuals that was charged with protecting the Urban Cowboy dropped a bombshell in his new memoir. Check this out from Page Six:

John Travolta kissed a male masseur in front of a Scientology bigwig, claims an explosive new memoir.

Mike Rinder, who was in the top ranks when he left the organization in 2007, writes in “A Billion Years: My Escape from a Life in the Highest Ranks of Scientology” that he was assigned to help the married “Pulp Fiction” star, now 68, with “some public relations issues” when he allegedly witnessed the kiss.

What in the name of Lord Xenu is going on here? We all knew Travolta could sing and dance, but little else about him suggested he might like playing for the other team. After all, Travolta married Kelly Preston who was a model, actress, and a dime.

He recalled chatting to the “Grease” and “Pulp Fiction” star in a hotel suite.

While they spoke, Travolta’s masseur, clad in a bathrobe, walked into the room and kissed the actor on the mouth.

“‘I’ll be in soon,’ John said as the masseur headed toward the bedroom,” Rinder writes. “That was pretty shocking, right in front of a senior Scientology official. It was just not done. I guess it was indicative of the trust he placed on me.”

Wow! Shocking accusations from someone that claims to have been there firsthand. Rinder has been at odds with the church for a number of years, even helping with the Leah Remini docuseries on leaving Scientology. It’s unclear why Rinder would lie about Travolta, however.

Rinder also writes: “Much has been made of John’s sexuality and whatever the realities of his sexual orientation may be, I firmly believe he would be more open about it, were not for the stigma he feels due to his strong belief in Scientology.”

Seems pretty open about it if Travolta was willing to plant a big one on his male masseur right in front of someone that was hired to squash rumors of his sexual preferences. Scientology, as expected, is not happy about this accusation.

“Mike Rinder is an inveterate liar who seeks to profit from his dishonesty … He supports himself by orchestrating the harassment of his former Church and its leader through false police reports, incendiary propaganda and fraudulent media stories.”

Pretty standard stuff from the reps of Scientology. Let’s be honest, Scientology is bananas. No one could possibly believe the nonsense they espouse. It is simply a place for rich people to shelter their money under the guise of a “church”. Unfortunately, stupid people are also dragged into this circus because Scientology needs their money too. The church has likely threatened Travolta with financial ruin for being gay. They have a lot of lawyers. Scientology got their tax-exempt status because they sued the government into allowing them to be a “church”. If they can successfully sue the IRS, they can certainly ruin John Travolta’s career. My suspicion is Rinder’s assertions are true, but who cares? Is anyone shocked that Travolta is gay? It’s not like it’s 1980 and we are all stunned to find out Freddie Mercury is gay. Let Travolta live his life, and let’s keep exposing Scientology for the sham that it is.

This story syndicated with permission from robm – For the Love of News

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