Goya CEO Drops Major Truth Bomb About What Democrats Have Done To The Working Class

The Democrats who reside in our nation’s capital have “declared war on the working class,” according to Goya Foods CEO Bob Unanue, who went on to say during an interview that the left has “incentivized people to stay home” rather than get jobs. He’s right. Leftists want to encourage folks to be completely and utterly dependent on the government for their most basic needs. Doing so provides them the opportunity to usurp authority and power by convincing the citizenry to hand it over willingly.

“I see two paths that we can take, to love, build, create, and prosper, or to hate, divide, and destroy and that’s what they’ve done,” Unanue went on to say during a segment on Newsmax’s “National Report.” “We’ve taken the last two years and declared a war on fossil fuel. We’ve looked weak … we have just declared a war on the working class, putting people out of work.”

According to Newsmax, Unanue went on to say food prices are now on the rise due to droughts and the tripled cost of fertilizer which is the result of the war still going on between [redacted] and Russia, as both of those nations control the world’s supply of fertilizer.

“We need to get back to work,” he stated during the interview. “How can you build back better when you have this narrative of hate and destruction and division?”

Here’s more from the report:

But the shutdowns for COVID have “taken away our purpose,” Unanue continued. “They killed our spirit. You need a reason to get up every day — God, family, work, country — and we have put that away. You cannot build from your living room.”

He noted that his company stayed open as it was considered essential, but said that “all businesses are essential and work is essential.”

Unanue said he does have faith in the United States being the second-largest Latino country in the world, as “a lot of our values are based in God, family, and work.” Meanwhile, the government needs to “get out of the way” so businesses can prosper again, commented Unanue.

“You know, the government does not create jobs,” he concluded. “Businesses create jobs … we’ve got to get back to work and get the government out of our churches and out of our lives. And I think voting will be the first step there.”

The Biden administration has proven that the only thing that matters is the agenda. The agenda that wants to see the collapse of the current system so they can build a Marxist one on top of the grave of what, at that point, would be the corpse of the greatest nation the world has ever witnessed. When you combine the economic missteps with the desire to silence free speech and the social division and seeds of hate the Democrats continue to sow among the American people, their plan of divide and conquer becomes quite obvious.

If there’s ever been a time our nation needs prayer. It’s right now. If there’s ever been a time she’s needed brave and bold patriots to stand up and lawfully, legally exercise the right to protest, it’s now. And not just with picket signs. But with votes. Show up to the polls in November, folks. That’s your greatest weapon.


This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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