Gross! CNN Gushes Over Obama Portrait Ceremony

Barack Obama has been gone since 2016, and the nation is still trying to recover from the damage he did. Obama was perhaps until now the most divisive President in American history, so it stands to reason his sidekick of 8 years, Joe Biden would follow in his footsteps. Biden has doubled down on Barry’s legacy, running America further off the rails than it has been in most of our lifetimes.

So, let’s get him and Michelle back in the White House! Obama hasn’t been back since he left office, as he and President Trump weren’t exactly buddies, even though it is customary for the current President to hang the portrait of the previous President. I guess Trump was too busy saving the country to stand on pomp and circumstance. Let’s see how it went, shall we? Check this out from CNN:

Generally, the portrait ceremony takes place during the succeeding presidency — typically a lighthearted affair to show bipartisanship and continuity across party lines. Yet, to no one’s surprise, Obama’s portrait dedication didn’t happen during his successor’s White House term; ex-President Donald Trump had no interest in sharing the presidential limelight with anyone. And Obama was hardly going to stand beside the man who authored a racist conspiracy theory that he wasn’t born in the United States. 

Fine reporting by CNN as usual. Speaking of conspiracies, how about the one that was four years in the making about Russian collusion? How about Hillary Clinton authorizing said conspiracy? How about the media going out of its way to take nearly everything Trump said or did and twist it out of context so as to make him look as bad as possible?

Such ceremonies also serve as a reminder that presidents serve all Americans, and that some things — like respect for an office first held by George Washington — supersede politics. Sitting presidents often pay tribute to their predecessor’s record in office, going out of their way to find areas of agreement even if they were from different parties.

Really? It seems like Joe has done nothing but undo and undermine everything Trump did, basically starting with his first few days in office. Does Joe Biden really serve all Americans? Even the one’s he most recently labeled as “extremists” for supporting the most successful President in two decades?

CNN likes to wax poetic like the Presidency supersedes politics, invoking George Washington while doing so. Has the Presidency been honored in this way by Joe Biden? Or has Biden shouted, cursed, accused and berated his way through his almost first two years of office?

It’s hard to imagine Biden welcoming Trump back to the executive mansion for a portrait unveiling — not least because the ex-President still insists falsely that he won the 2020 election. And if Trump or another hardline Republican wins the White House next, Biden could be kept waiting, too.

Why would Trump want to go back? Biden is a nasty, ill-tempered old man that has screwed the country up and blamed everything and everyone but his bad policy for his failures.

My sense is President Trump will be hanging his own portrait in 2024, and Joe Biden and his cronies can read about it on CNN.

This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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