Hilarious! Lightfoot Begging DC for Help With 100 Migrants

I remember when Chicago used to be a safe, clean city bustling with tourism, hope and enthusiasm. I mean, I should because it hasn’t been that long ago. Pre Lori Lightfoot, Chicago was a much nicer place, there’s no way around that. I visited the city many times prior to Lightfoot taking office in 2019. The difference between the city then and now is striking. Trash in the streets, crumbling infrastructure, parts of the city that were once safe for tourists are now strictly off limits, it’s an apocalyptic hell hole.

Isn’t that sort of the blueprint for Democrat led larger cities, even in red states? The district attorneys are soft on crime, the police are underfunded and underappreciated, the political leaders are more concerned with fighting the culture wars than protecting the citizens. It’s out of hand.

Well, it looks like things are getting a little tougher for poor Lori Lightfoot, courtesy of Texas Governor Greg Abbott. Abbott has been busing illegal migrants to Washington DC and New York City all summer, and now has set his sights on the Windy city. After a winter in Chicago, they might be ready to board a bus back to the other side of the Rio Grande. Let’s see what Lori is going to do via the Daily Caller:

“I’m going to Washington later this week and gonna be sitting down with some of the folks and describe for them what the conditions are on the ground here in Chicago, but also make sure that federal help is coming, not just to Chicago, but in all the cities and states that are welcoming cities and states to make sure that we’ve got the resources that we need,”

I can tell you what the conditions are on the ground in Chicago. It aint good. A few illegal immigrants aren’t going to move the needle on the mess she is overseeing. How about some federal resources to help stem the violence destroying black neighborhoods? There were 55 shootings with 11 deaths Labor Day weekend alone! How about taking care of hard working, tax paying Americans first? Oh, my bad, Lightfoot is a Democrat and the last thing they are interested in is taking care of Americans.

Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser and New York City Mayor Eric Adams have both criticized Abbott for burdening their cities’ resources.

Lightfoot alleged during a Sept. 4 press conference that Abbott is “manufacturing” a “human crisis” with his busing effort.

Let’s be clear, Chicago is a living, breathing “human crisis” that Lightfoot has no interest in addressing. Rather, she would prefer to play political games by pointing the finger at Abbott.

It is not incumbent on border states to have to take on all the responsibility for the record flow of illegals since Biden took office. What about Texas’ resources? What about the border towns that are flooded on a daily basis? If Democrats want to make the policies allowing the record numbers of border crossings, then they can shoulder some of the load. Especially the so called ‘sanctuary cities”.

Between October and July, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) authorities have encountered over 1,900,000 migrants at the southern border with many months topping records.

This is just too much to expect the border states to absorb. Kudos to Abbott for spreading the love and giving Lori Lightfoot her share of the responsibility, whether she wants it or not.

This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics

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