Hillary Clinton Spouting Off To Megan Thee Stallion About ‘WAP’ Made Twitter Drag Up The Infamous Hot Sauce Incident

A video clip that features twice-failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton thinking over the significance of the extremely vulgar and disgusting rap song, “WAP” is not only making eyes roll out of their skulls all over the Internet but is leading many to claim the former secretary of state is pandering, similar to the situation in 2016 concerning the infamous hot sauce incident. Just saying that out loud seems utterly ridiculous. But hey, that’s the age we live in now, right?

According to a report from the Daily Wire, “The video snippet comes from Clinton’s new TV series ‘Gutsy,’ which features the 74-year-old politician having conversations with various women who are ‘activists, community leaders, and everyday heroes.’”

“She and rap singer Megan Thee Stallion, who collaborated on “WAP” with Cardi B, discuss the song’s impact while sitting outdoors and painting pictures. Clinton’s daughter Chelsea is there, too,” the report said.

“Chelsea follows rap music. She has ever since she was a little girl,” Clinton revealed in the clip. “But I kind of came to awareness of you with the Cardi B ‘WAP.’”

“It’s great to see women be, so kind of, fierce,” Chelsea tosses into the conversation.

“That is my life’s mission,” Megan explains. “To make sure I am unapologetically me.” She stated that this, along with the desire to champion the ideal of female empowerment, led to her creating the rather graphic, explicit, and downright disgusting song about female sexuality.

Just ahead of the episode debuting on Apple TV, Clinton spoke with the folks over at People where she revealed that she was a big admirer of the song right from the beginning.

“I didn’t know what to think, because I’m of a much different generation, but I admired the audacity and the kind of agency that both of those young women were exhibiting: ‘Here I am. Here’s what I want to say, and either like it or not.’ I did respond to that,” Clinton stated.

While there were a couple of knuckleheads on Twitter who were all about the clip, there were quite a few who thought it was extremely awkward and accused the former secretary of state of pandering.

“PANDERING ALERT: Hillary Clinton discussing WAP with Megan Thee Stallion. No word yet on where she has her bottle of hot sauce stashed,” one person said in response to the clip.

“Hillary Clinton talking about WAP is as pander-icious as hot sauce in her purse. She is planning something where she needs black support,” someone else agreed.

“Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton talking about WAP might be the worst and most awkward thing ever recorded on film,” conservative commentator Matt Walsh said.

There were referring to the incident back in 2016 when Clinton, who was a Democratic candidate for president, stated during a radio interview that she always carries a bottle of hot sauce with her wherever she goes. What Clinton was referencing was a statement made in Beyonce’s “Formation” song where the singer says she keeps a bottle of hot sauce in her bag, a comment that cooked up quite a bit of controversy.

The radio host, Charlemagne Tha God then went on to call out Clinton during the interview, saying, “Really? Okay, I just want you to know that people are going to see this and say, okay, she’s pandering to black people.”

“Okay. Is it working?” Clinton replied.

Charlemagne then asked if Clinton was really a fan of hip hop music and rap culture as she claimed during the interview, stating that many individuals in the community saw it as being fake. And now, of course, you have Clinton saying she’s a fan of “WAP.”

If I had to put money down on it, I’d say she’s pandering her butt off. But why? Hasn’t she already stated that she’s not going to run for president again in 2024? Why pander and try to look relevant like this to the black community if there’s nothing to gain from it? Something smells fishy here.







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