Hot Video! Crazy Stunt Upstages Roger Federer’s Last Match

Roger Federer is a tennis legend. One of my personal all-time favorite modern era players, he ranks as one of the greats of all time with Borg, McEnroe, Connors and Sampras. Recently Federer was set to play his final ever match as a touring pro at the Laver Cup in London. A fitting sendoff to one of the best, and classiest to ever play the game.

So, what happens of course? A jackass protester sets himself on fire on court. If there is one thing the British and French AREN’T good at, it’s security. This was proven during WW2 as America had to save them from speaking German for the rest of history. That aside, they are also awful at event security. It’s recalled that at the French Open earlier this year, a protester chained herself to the net in the name of climate change. Not to be outdone, during Federer’s final match, pun intended, a protester raced on court and lit himself on fire to protest the effects of private planes on climate change. What about the effects of burnt flesh?

Before Roger Federer was scheduled to play his last match at the Laver Cup in London, something else took center stage. A protestor sat down near the net and set his arm on fire.

Video of the incident quickly emerged, as celebrity attendees like JK Rowling watched.

I have to ask, how are these protesters getting on the court. I have seen people run onto the field in baseball and football and get smashed before they get 20 feet. Are the Brits so bloody polite that they let the chap sit down and state his case. Of course, the protester realized that fire hurts, so he put himself out.

I say if you are willing to go all-in for a cause, go all-in! Don’t just douse some lighter fluid on your arm and hit a Zippo, let’s get a gas can and some matches and get it done!

I’m all for a good protest, I really am. Got a cause I believe in? Let’s make some signs, pack some snacks and make a day out of it. Ask me to set myself on fire, and I’m probably going to have a convenient excuse to not go.

Roger Federer’s last match is a big deal, no doubt. But how many people worldwide were watching? What kind of exposure is your cause getting at the Laver Cup? Is there some kind of protester hazing initiation that you have to go through before you get called up to the big events?

“Listen, just set your arm on fire then put it right out. I know it’ll hurt, but you gotta pay your dues before you get to protest with the professionals”

This guy was protesting the use of private planes. Is that really cause enough to barbeque your arm and go to jail? I could see a bullhorn, maybe a rainbow wig and some streaking, but fire? Really?

The protester was dispatched off to jail, Federer played his match, and JK Rowling likely went home on her private plane and slept like a baby. Better luck next time Sparky!


This story syndicated with permission from robm – For the Love of News

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