Illinois Mayors’ Security Team Has Shootout in Chicago

It’s dangerous out there these days folks, head on a swivel! It’s even dangerous during the daytime. Remember when criminals had to operate under cover of darkness? What ever happened to good, old fashioned cat burglars? Now fools are just rolling up and jacking folks in the middle of the day, right on the sidewalk!

This type of criminal nonsense isn’t just confined to the seedier parts of town anymore. I mean, who wants to rob a poor person in a poor part of town when you can just roll up on some shoppers at 2 in the afternoon outside a high-end store and shake them down?

This is an especially big problem in liberal, democrat run cities. There simply is no fear of repercussion anymore. Crooks are getting so brazen that they are literally taking what they want in broad daylight. Chicago is a prime example. even Michigan Avenue and the high-end shopping district isn’t safe. Recently the Mayor of another Illinois city was in Chicago on business with his security team in tow. Let’s just say, they weren’t about to get played. Check this out from ABC7 Chicago:

Chicago police confirmed shots were fired by the Harvey mayor’s security detail in Lincoln Park Wednesday afternoon.

Police said members of Harvey Mayor Christopher Clark’s private security detail happened to be nearby at North and Halsted when they saw at least two masked men with guns pointed at an 86-year-old man on the sidewalk, trying to rob him of whatever he had.

Folks, I have family in Chicago, and I have been to the Lincoln Park area around Halsted many times. This is not where you should be fearing for your safety in the middle of the afternoon. What is happening in Chicago? And why is an 86-year-old man being stuck-up? Were the crooks trying to take his mobility scooter?

One thing these criminals found out though is you DON’T point a gun at the Mayor of Harvey, Illinois!

The mayor’s security detail fired shots, hitting the back window of the car as the alleged offenders jumped back into the vehicle and sped off.

The city of Harvey released a statement saying that one of the armed men turned toward the security detail with his gun pointed, prompting the security officer to open fire.

Chicago police said the alleged robbers did not fire shots back at the security guard. Police also confirmed the guard is not a member of the Harvey Police Department but is private security.

Call it street justice, call it reckless, whatever. Mayor Clark’s private security detail saw a crime being committed and sprang into action. These weren’t cops, mind you, but likely retired military employed by the mayor’s office, hence the willingness to jump in the fray. The police are so overly cautious, and rightfully so since 2020, that criminals think they can get away with whatever, and in some places they usually can.

Witnesses said they watched A black Jeep with a back window shattered by bullets flee northbound on Halsted, narrowly missing two cars at West Willow Street.

It may sound like a movie set, or the wild west, but it’s just a Wednesday afternoon in Chicago. These two masked criminals weren’t counting on the mayor of Harvey, Illinois and his bad ass security team. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot could take advice from Mayor Clark, maybe Chicago could start to turn around.

This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics

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