Invasion Time? Still More Unexplained Lights Over Texas

This is getting to be a thing, isn’t it? The reporting of UFO’s, or UAP’s, as the government has become fond of calling them has gone through the roof in 2022. I don’t know if Covid lockdowns caused a lot of people to go bat-crap crazy (it did), or if some foreign governments have developed some new tech that our government doesn’t want to talk about, or perhaps there is an uptick in actual surveillance and monitoring from an extraterrestrial source; whatever the reason, reports have gotten more frequent and stranger.

As more people see and record things that causes the government to throw up their hands, the outcry to release more previously classified sighting has increased. The government however isn’t playing ball, making the whole situation even weirder. Why won’t the government answer any questions? Well, they ARE the government, an entity well known for lies and deception. Check this out from Republic World:

The US Navy has rejected a request made under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to release videos of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) citing threats to national security. The request to release the videos of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), as referred to by the US military, was made by the government transparency site The Black Vault in April 2020 and the denial of release came two years after the first filing. 

Ok, what the heck? What are they hiding? I understand the government claims there may be national security as risk, but this government says white males are the greatest risk to national security, so I’ll take my chances with ET. After all, it’s not like we think they have aliens locked away in cold storage somewhere (they do) demanding to publicly view the remains; the public just wants a taste of what’s being seen out there, terrestrial or otherwise.

Adding another to the list of strange sightings, in Texas recently a number of people witnessed and caught on video an off series of green, circular lights silently hovering. It freaked people out! Check this out from Outkick:

In a video shared by Fox 7, green lights could be seen flying in the Texas sky, and it’s definitely not clear what could have caused the situation.

Witness Emily White told Fox 7, “It was mesmerizing, honestly. It was so silent because if it was one light, then I would have maybe thought, ‘Oh, a helicopter, a plane, something like that.’ But like there was so many of them together.”

When asked if it was a possible “close encounter,” White told the outlet, “I’ll be honest, kind of.

Well, I’m convinced! But then I already believed anyway. We are likely being monitored by either a foreign source or something otherworldly, but has anyone considered it could be our own government? Considering the way this administration views half the country as political enemies, nothing can be ruled out. Our government has spied on the populace before, and continues to do so, what’s to say they aren’t using some type of drone surveillance? All possibilities are on the table until we publicly have a craft or survivor in hand. Until then, let’s just enjoy the light show.

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