Joe Biden looked totally dazed and confused on stage (video)

President Joe Biden was giving a speech and looked completely lost and confused as he wandered on the stage. Once Biden finished talking and mumbling, he wandered to his right and looked like he wasn’t really sure where to go. His mannerisms suggest he wasn’t sure if he was in the right spot or should go to another location on the stage, or maybe even get off the stage entirely. Then, someone on the far left side of the stage starts talking and the cameraman has to zoom out so he can fit both Biden and the speaker in the same shot – who are both on complete opposite sides of the stage at this point.


Laura Ingraham can barely contain herself during this moment of laughter as the President of the United States looks like he’s completely confused up there, representing Americans to the entire planet and becoming a magnet of mockery.

Many Americans will watch this video and shake their heads, wondering what happened to having a coherent and capable leader at the White House? How did politics get so bad that America has become STUCK with President Joe Biden and a completely useless Vice President Kamala Harris.

In fact, there’s a lot of people who wonder what Kamala Harris does all day. The southern border at Texas is not secure and there’s a migrant situation going on. Republicans like Florida’s Ron DeSantis are sending migrants to Martha’s Vineyard to raise awareness and point out the leftist hypocrisy surrounding the migrant situation.

For example, when migrants were being shipped to various locations in America during Joe Biden’s tenure in the White House, where were all the complaints from Democrat leaders? DeSantis ships just 50 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard and Democrats lost their minds!

Democrats were slammed as hypocrites for how fast they shipped the migrants OUT of Martha’s Vineyard, but don’t seem to have the same level of intensity when it comes to cleaning up the southern border. Democrats were slammed for having a ‘not in my backyard’ mentality when it comes to migrants, despite the Democrats being very vocal and supportive of migrants and sanctuary cities.

But of course, once the cultural enrichment shows up in a fancy neighborhood, the Democrats can’t have that! Nope, Martha’s Vineyard migrants were shipped out on bus in what seemed to be about one day. Now imagine if Democrats had that same level of energy at the southern border? Imagine Kamala Harris wasn’t so useless?

While Joe Biden is wandering around a stage mindlessly, there’s probably an illegal immigrant breaking the law somewhere. Maybe one day America will be focused on what matters and finally elect someone with common sense and a coherent working brain to the White House, because this Joe and Kamala circus just ain’t working for America.

Syndicated with permission from Frank who wrote about Joe Biden being lost on stage.

Photo: YouTube screencap

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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