Joy Reid Is Now a Climate Scientist!

Hurrican Ian tore through Southwest Florida earlier this week and is set to rip through South Carolina. Ian made land just shy of a category 5 storm, in the Fort Myers Beach area, an area that hasn’t seen a hurricane make land since 1921. However, according to leftist commentator Joy Reid, who now is apparently a climate scientist this is undeniable proof of climate change.

MSNBC anchor Joy Reid said Wednesday on her show “The ReidOut” that global warming is feeding beast storms like Hurricane Ian.

“There is a lot that has changed about the earth that has made these things worse, right? These things are thriving because the water is getting warmer. We stopped calling it global warming for political reasons, but that’s what it is. Our earth is getting warmer and there’s just no doubt, I think, left that it is feeding these beasts.”

So, what has changed since 1921? Was it an immediate change this year, or a cumulative change that culminated in a freakishly strong storm taking an unusual path? Or maybe is it hurricane season? That’s the time of year when the gulf waters are extremely warm. Gulf waters have ALWAYS been extremely warm in August and September. That’s why it is hurricane season.

Reid was having this intellectual exchange with reporter Ali Velshi, who might as well be a climate scientist himself!

 “People say there have been hurricanes for millennia. well that is true but sometimes we get ones that are so much more damaging and so much more intense.”

Is Velshi referring to the Cat 5 Labor Day hurricane that ravaged the Keys in 1935? Maybe he is talking about Camille in 1969? Or maybe Hurrican Andrew in 1992? My point is, Ian was bad, but it wasn’t unprecedented, or even the worst. To make the claim that global warming is feeding these storms and making them stronger is to totally discount the why’s and how’s of past storms. This is not a new phenomenon. Velshi continued:

“On one hand you have more intense storms because of warm weather and the patterns that cause these storms to form, and then you got greater damage because we’ve got a rising water level. It’s good we talk about these things in the moment because lots of times over the years when I brought it up, people say now is not the time to talk about it. Now is the time because people are paying attention to how damaging these things are.”

I’m not sure where Velshi gets his facts in tying supposed rising water levels to more damage. Ian had historic storm surges because of the geographical area it made land and the odd wind direction. The area around Fort Myers is lined with man-made canals and rivers, much of which flooded because of the storm surge from the winds whipping the gulf waters inland. It wasn’t simply the case of the ocean level being higher and flooding the mainland, even if it does sound more sensational and alarmist to frame it as such.

The residents of Soutwest Florida don’t want to talk about global warming, they want to rebuild and put their lives back together. Joy Reid and her ilk will continue to spin their climate alarmist narrative despite the facts.


This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics

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