Lol: Vice Hypocrite Harris Takes Private Plane for Speech on…Climate Change?

Does anyone else think our elected officials are doing stuff just to mess with us? I mean, come on, man! You have the great uniter, Joe Biden, delivering a crazy eyed, Dark Brandon themed speech basically declaring anyone that voted for Trump as an extremist, KJP famously declaring that illegal immigrants don’t just “walk over” during a White House press briefing, climate czar John Kerry racking up more frequent flyer miles than Motley Crue in their heyday, they have to be trolling us. What other explanation can there be?

Recently our so-called border czar, who ironically has yet to visit the border, declared the southern border secure. Unless the White House has redefined the word “secure” like they did the word recession, it is far from secure. The examples of the hypocrisy are literally endless. How does a party at the White House to celebrate the Inflation Reduction Act on a day the market took the biggest dive since 2020 sound? Never mind it tanked because the new inflation numbers were bad. Party on! They are literally rubbing our noses in it!

This week, the aforementioned border czar Kamala Harris took time out of her super busy schedule securing the borde,r and hopped a jet to do a speech in Buffalo, New York on…climate change? You can’t make this up folks. Check this out from Breitbart:

In a demonstration of gross hypocrisy, Vice President Kamala Harris hopped on a gas-guzzling jet and flew to the state of New York on Wednesday where she delivered a speech related to the topic of climate change.

“This morning, I’m heading to Buffalo, New York to highlight how we are taking climate action, thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act,” a tweet on Harris’s @VP Twitter account declared.

How tone deaf can one administration be? Isn’t this like holding a Weight Watchers meeting at a Golden Corral? How can you justify flying a gas guzzling jet on a trip you probably could have made by car, electric presumably? This is like your heart surgeon lecturing you on the dangers of smoking while he chain-smokes heaters!

During her speech on Wednesday, Harris declared, “Your generation knows the threat of the climate crisis, because you have lived it. And for your entire lives thus far, you have seen our nation fail to act with the urgency this crisis demands.”

Quite the opposite actually. I have seen this country go from a landscape littered with trash, acid rain, smog, leaded gasoline and extremely limited public works for rural people, leading to neighborhood “dumps” aka the river, to a country where in most areas it’s shocking to see litter, people regularly recycle and conserve, and the water and air are as clean as they have been in my lifetime.

We have literally spent the last 30 years working to burn fuel more efficiently, reduce waste and pollution and clean up the environment as best we can. Democrats would have you believe that sea levels are going to dramatically rise, and we are all going to die. Of course, that hasn’t dissuaded Barack Obama from having a house on the ocean in Martha’s Vineyard and building a mansion in Hawaii. Not good investments considering we are all facing an “existential” threat from a boogieman.

Harris, like many other global elites who promulgate the dogmas of climate alarmism, is no stranger to such displays of hypocrisy.

Last year in October, people noted the incredible irony of Harris boarding an airplane in order to travel to deliver a speech related to the “climate crisis” — a tweet on the @VP Twitter account featured footage of Harris preparing to board an aircraft, and the post read, “Today I’m heading to Lake Mead in Nevada to discuss the climate crisis–and why we must make historic investments to not only create jobs, but preserve our planet for generations to come.”

Rules for thee, not for me. That is the operating policy for the left. From covid restrictions to climate hysteria, Democrats have, and are trolling the American people. If Kamala Harris wants to talk the talk, perhaps she should walk the walk. Or maybe walk to her next lecture.


This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics

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