Marvel Announces Plans To Bring Israeli Superhero To Cinematic Universe, Immediately Receives Hate Online

Marvel Studios recently announced their plans to bring an Israeli superhero to their popular cinematic universe, which immediately resulted in the production company getting bombarded with a ton of hate against the company.

According to TheBlaze, the decision to bring the comic book character to life was first revealed during Disney’s D23 Expo where the parent company that owns Marvel, Disney, stated that actress Shira Haas would be playing the character known as Sabra in the upcoming film, “Captain America: New World Order.”

But honestly, how many people are actually excited for this film to begin with? It won’t feature Captain Steve Rogers, who has been the Captain America we all know and love for years now. Anthony Mackie will be taking over the mantel of the character from Chris Evans, and while he’s great as Sam Wilson, aka, The Falcon, there’s no way to fill the shoes of Steve Rogers.

The character, according to the report, is an agent of the Israeli national intelligence agency known as Mossad. Of course, the left-wing critics of Israel, who are apparently totally okay with being anti-semitic and don’t count that as being racist, which seems like a definite double standard.

“Israel’s Marvel superhero Sabra has many powers, including demolishing Palestinian homes with her mind and assassinating Palestinian children with her laser beam eyes,” read a popular tweet from the author of a piece of garbage called “Millennial Marxist.”

“Why are Zionists so triggered by this? Y’all don’t even think Arabs are human,” he said in a second tweet.

“Can #Marvel afford to piss off the Zionists by making her a villain? Or will they white-wash #Israel’s apartheid against #Palestine, like most of western media does? F*ck Zionists, by the way,” another tweet went on to say.

“What do you think her superpowers are? Massacring Palestinians or destroying their homes leaving them homeless?” a tweet from Palestine Online remarked.

“[I] just learnt that Sabra exists, which makes perfect sense in the universe in which Captain America and Iron Man also exist, but can people now stop denying belittling, & excusing Marvel’s blatant, deeply violent imperialist and colonial propaganda now, thanks,” stated another critical tweet.

Other individuals critical of the whole thing thought that the subtitle of the film, “New World Order,” confirmed many of the conspiracy theories they have about Israel.

“…how coincidental Sabra will appear in the movie literally subtitled ‘New World Order.’ Seems the ones controlling entertainment are no longer being subtle about the Wizard behind the curtain,” yet another hateful tweet read.

The film is set to be released on May 3, 2024.

It’s funny to me how the left is totally okay with anti-Semitism, especially as it pertains to this film, but if someone were to be critical of Anthony Mackie playing Captain America, they would be a racist. Do folks on the left have some sort of handy manual on their phones or in their back pockets that help them to keep all of this stuff straight?

At the end of the day, Israel is our greatest ally in the Middle East and they deserve our friendship and our support.

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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