McCarthy speaks up, wants to protect women’s sports

Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has a strong agenda to save and protect women’s sports. In Pennsylvania, Republican lawmakers have christened their midterm pitch presenting a united message ahead of the fall elections.

WATCH McCarthy speak out on video:

The agenda has been mentioned by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) as a token that can help the GOP regain a majority in the House and a plan to govern in 2023. The agenda includes a list of policy recommendations. The agenda echoes the 1994 “Contract with America,” a pitch released weeks before midterm elections that toppled a Democratic-controlled House and Senate under former President Bill Clinton.

The agenda builds on traditional conservative platforms while addressing controversial social issues like abortion and transsexuality in women’s sports. The Republican Party’s so-called “Commitment to America,” led by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, is a broad address to voters, propelled by promises to achieve a “strong economy,” a “secure nation,” a “freedom-based future” and “responsible government.”

According to the GOP leader, the plan is aimed at addressing the “challenges” facing ordinary Americans. McCarthy stated, “We wanted to do a plan for a new direction. We want to be upfront with the American public. We want an election to have a contrast. If they put their trust in us, this is exactly what we’ll do. Hold our feet to the fire. And on the very first day, we’re going to repeal 87,000 IRS agents. So they’re not going after you. We work for you. You don’t work for us,” as reported on Fox News.

“Over the over the past two years, Democrats in Washington have led America off-track,” McCarthy’s preamble document reads. “They created crisis after crisis: from crippling inflation and rampant crime, to failing schools, border chaos, and disrespect for our nation across the globe.”

Among the GOP’s security initiatives: funding border security, funding police, “crack down” on leftist prosecutors and establishing a “Select Committee on China.” Concerning inflation, the agenda indicated that Republicans will “limit wasteful government spending that raises the price of groceries, gasoline, cars and housing, and increases our national debt.”

Furthermore, the agenda calls for “advancing a parents’ bill of rights,” ensuring that only women can compete in women’s sports, banning proxy voting in Congress, and increasing government oversight. “We want an economy that is strong,” McCarthy declared.

“We have a plan – for a nation that’s safe. That means your community will be protected, your law enforcement will be respected, your criminals will be prosecuted. We believe in a future that’s built on freedom – that your children come first.”

According to Republican sources familiar with the plan, it has been in development for more than a year. Meanwhile, Democrats have already attacked McCarthy’s plan and referred to it as an “extreme MAGA program.”

“House Republicans are doubling down on an extreme MAGA agenda: to criminalize women’s health care, to slash seniors’ Medicare (including with the repeal of the lower drug prices for seniors in the Inflation Reduction Act), and to attack our democracy,” per a press release from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-CA.

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