Movie Review: My Son Hunter; Funny, Shocking and Mostly True?

By now we all know about Hunter Bidens laptop from hell. It is real, it is filled with very damaging material, and the media buried it in the run up to the 2020 election. Hunter Biden has been a very bad boy. This is on full display in the new movie My Son Hunter, a shocking, sometimes hilarious, surprisingly sad peek inside the life and misadventures of the smartest Biden in the world.

The movie of course stars conservative actors, including Gina Carano as a Secret Service Agent that narrates most of the film, so don’t expect any star power in the cast. However, the talent assembled does an excellent and believable job spinning the web of lies, drug abuse, and abuse of power alleged to have taken place by Joe and Hunter Biden. Laurence Fox in particular plays a drug addled, slick Hunter Biden to perfection. Fox smokes crack, does ALL the cocaine and drinks and parties his way into numerous deals with Ukraine and China, all under the advisement of the “Big Guy” Joe Biden, played by John James. James plays Biden as a power-hungry idiot that has trouble getting in his car and figuring out how to use his cell phone. Is Biden that hapless? Probably not, but James makes the character at least fun.

The movie is told in flashbacks, with Hunter telling the story behind the laptop to a prostitute named Kitty, played by Kelly Reiter. Hunter talks about sleeping with Beau’s wife as well as his own, how he feels inferior to his brother, and his own struggles since losing his mother as a young boy. Surprisingly, and I don’t know if it’s intentional or not, but I actually felt myself feeling sorry for Hunter Biden at times in the movie. Fox plays Hunter as a guy who never got over the loss of his mother and was never able to live up to the stature of his brother, all while being swept up into his father’s dirty dealings. Since Hunter is handsome and charismatic, the family used him as a conduit to milk money from foreign sources and be the face of the organization while the Big Guy Joe pulled the strings and cashed the checks behind the scenes. How accurate is this? Hard to tell but I suspect it’s probably closer to truth than fiction.

Obviously, the mainstream media and liberals are going to absolutely roast this movie, but as a conservative I loved it. But I also loved it because it was entertaining, fast paced, hilarious at times and very well done. If you watched it knowing nothing about the actual laptop or about the Biden’s, it would just be an entertaining farce with bumbling bad guys, (Joe), a somewhat sympathetic protagonist in Hunter, and enough cinematic tricks like breaking the fourth wall and talking straight to the audience, that you would think it’s a low budget Netflix farce.

Unfortunately, it is mostly true. That’s why the story is problematic. The screen play was written using information from the laptop and emails stored on it. Using actual video of Joe Biden and real news reports, a timeline is strung together of the Biden family’s dirty dealings across the globe in the run up to the election.

My Son Hunter is funny, sad at times, but mostly should serve as a shocking wakeup call to anyone on the left that is willing to watch it and give it consideration. It’s definitely an important film that needs to be circulated and seen. Breitbart and director Robert Davi did an excellent job culling together the misdeeds of the Biden family. My rating: Four crack pipes out of five.


This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics

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