NBC Reporter Puts On Tinfoil Hat, Concocts Wild Conspiracy About Why DeSantis Flew Migrants To Martha’s Vineyard

NBC News anchor Chuck Todd busted out his trusty tinfoil hat — it still fits him beautifully by the way — and took some time on Sunday to explain the conspiracy theory he’s concocted about why Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis might have shipped off migrants to Martha’s Vineyard last week. According to Todd, the reason DeSantis took this course of action was to distract from the issue of abortion.

TheBlaze reported that Sen. Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican, introduced a new bill that would enforce a national ban on the vile practice of abortion after 15 weeks into a pregnancy. While this sounds like a great idea, one of the justifications pro-lifers used to defend overturning the infamous Roe v. Wade decision by the Supreme Court was because abortion should be decided by the states, and Republicans stated they wouldn’t attempt to ban it at the federal level.

This particular move seems to make the GOP look like it’s going back on its word, thus, a lot of Republicans were unhappy with Graham’s action. No doubt Graham thought this was morally right and would help him politically, but it’s kind of done the opposite, not to mention it’s painted up his colleagues running for reelection or for open Senate seats in the awkward position of having to either vote against the legislation or look like liars.

“First, Graham was criticized for taking attention away from August inflation numbers that showed inflation accelerated last month. Ironically, Graham’s announcement came on the same day the Biden administration celebrated the Inflation Reduction Act, which clearly did not reduce inflation,” the report said.

“Second, Graham was criticized for drawing more attention to an issue that will galvanize Democratic voters and possibly hurt Republicans in tight elections. Many Republicans did not publicly endorse Graham’s bill, not because they are pro-abortion, but because they agree with the Supreme Court that abortion is an issue that should be adjudicated by individual states,” TheBlaze continued.

This brings us back to conspiracy theorist and NBC anchor Chuck Todd and the comments he made Sunday on his “Meet the Press” program. Todd, while chatting about the border, essentially absolved the current administration of any sort of negligence concerning the border crisis, going on to point out that he thinks the timing between DeSantis flying illegal migrants to Martha’s Vineyard and Graham’s introducing the abortion bill as “convenient.”

“There’s a timing question I have,” Todd said during the show. “Lindsey Graham comes out with his 15-week abortion ban, and all of a sudden, the next day Ron DeSantis gets that off the front page. I’m not saying they’re connected, but boy, it seemed [like] convenient timing.”

When Al Cardenas took a shot at the Biden administration for not taking care of the border crisis, Todd then turned to Peter Baker, a reporter working for the New York Times, to double down on his theory.

“I’ve gotten a few people wondering if we’re just getting played by DeSantis. He’s pulling a Trump on us, right?” Todd said, channeling his inner Alex Jones. “But boy, he changed the subject and we all went to it.”

Baker, of course, agreed that the Florida governor succeeded in turning the spotlight on the issue, but then went on to say that the point he made was a “rational one.” Boy, you know that probably didn’t sit well with Todd and any other liberal watching the program. Speaking of that, does anyone really spend their Sunday morning watching political shows?

“The point that he’s making is, you know, a rational one to talk about: What level of responsibility do states that are not at the border have to help out? Fair enough,” Baker went on to remark, pointing out the strategy has been successful for the GOP in the past.

The bad news for Todd is that the Republican governors who have been bussing all of these migrants to sanctuary cities across the country have not at all been shy about the reason behind their actions.

“Not only are they sending willing migrants to “sanctuary” cities and towns to bring attention to the border crisis and the Biden administration’s lack of response, but they strategically choose locations where Democrats will expose themselves as hypocrites,” the report said.

“Martha’s Vineyard, for instance, shipped off the migrants the day after they arrived, while Chicago sent migrants to neighboring suburbs, and Washington, D.C., lawmakers decry a “state of emergency” over the flood of migrants, which they claim has transformed the nation’s capital into a ‘border town,’” TheBlaze said in conclusion.

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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