New Neighbors for Kamala? Texas Gov Abbott Says Yes!

By now everyone knows about the ever-deepening crisis at our southern border, particularly in Texas. Since “open borders” Biden has taken office, it has been a steady stream of illegal immigration. Construction on the border wall was halted, and the “open for business” sign was lit like the “hot doughnuts” sign at a Krispy Kreme. Accordingly, people have been streaming in in record numbers. Who can blame them? They are under the impression that the borders are open, and they can walk right over. Mainly because that’s how Biden and his party portrayed their policies during the run up to the 2020 election. Mean old Trump is gone and it’s a “Party in the USA”, apologies to Miley Cyrus.

The border states can only handle so much, and with the extra folks showing up, things have gotten out of control. Ironically most of the so-called sanctuary cities where illegals can go and blend in without the threat of arrest are far north of the border, usually in Democrat led states. It’s all fun and games for the Democrats when they don’t have to deal with the strain illegals put on the system, but boy do they get pissy when the tables turn. Well kids, the tables are turning, and the libs are in a tizzy!  Florida Governor DeSantis just flew to planes of immigrants to the liberal playground of Martha’s Vineyard, and now Texas Governor Greg Abbott has provided border czar Kamala Harris with some new neighbors! How nice! Check this out from the Conservative Brief:

Two buses containing between 75 and 100 migrants from Eagle Pass, Texas, who had crossed into the U.S. illegally were sent to the VP’s residence by GOP Gov. Greg Abbott. 

“The group includes migrants from Venezuela, Uruguay, Colombia and Mexico. Multiple migrants, asked by Fox News Digital, said they think the border is open, contrary to what Harris said Sunday during an interview,” the outlet noted further.

Oh snap! Do you think Kamala will have everyone over for drinks? Maybe a nice barbecue to welcome them to her swanky digs? Hey, if you can’t get the border czar to actually visit the border, bring a little taste to her!

Not surprising that some of these folks would think the border is open. The Democrats WANT it to be open. However, they DON’T want the responsibility and financial burden that all of these people bring with them. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot recently spun out of control over 100 migrants sent to Chicago, saying she was going to seek Federal aid. Folks, that’s about how many people get shot on any given weekend in Chicago.

So, Heavy D hooked Barry and Michelle up in the vineyard, and Abbott gave Kamala Harris some company outside of her house. These folks aren’t being tricked or forced to get on planes and busses, so the Dems cries of abuse and manipulation can fall on deaf ears. I’ve never been to Marth’s Vineyard or the Naval Observatory, so these people are getting a taxpayer funded, guided tour of the homes of the people whose policies lured them to risk life and limb and come here in the first place. Sounds fair to me!

Both governors, along with Arizona Republican Gov. Doug Ducey, have been sending volunteer illegal migrants to northern “sanctuary” cities run by Democrats for months now as a way of protesting Biden’s lax immigration and border policies, which the governors say are responsible for a record number of crossings since Biden took office.

Fair is fair. The Democrats put these terrible policies in place when Biden took office, believing they would eventually pad their voter base and never have to actually deal with it themselves. Now liberals are seeing firsthand the drain on resources even a fraction of the numbers can cause. Kamala Harris needs to fire up the grill, make up the guest bedrooms, and suck it up until she and her boss decide to do their jobs. Until then, what’s for dinner?

This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics

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