New Poll: Dark Brandon Crossed Line With MAGA Speech

Have you ever gotten so mad and said things you don’t mean? Of course you have, we are only human. How about been so mad and just planned in your head what you were going to say next time you got the chance, and when you finally get your say you come off as an unhinged lunatic?

Welcome to American politics 2022, and more specifically the Biden administration. Just when you think it CAN’T get any more divisive and contentious, “Dark Brandon” emerges from the shadows and ups the ante!

In a Thursday night speech from Philadelphia that was poorly attended and largely ignored by the broadcast media, Dark Brandon tripled down on the rhetoric and brought the heat. Unfortunately for the Sleepy One, it was so tone deaf and ridiculous, both in message and setting, that a new Tuesday poll revealed that most Americans and fed up with Dark Brandon. Check this out from Breitbart:

Fifty-six percent of general election voters view President Joe Biden’s speech, where he cast Republicans as “threats to the foundations of our republic,” as unacceptable, a Tuesday Trafalgar Group poll found.

Hardly surprising numbers, considering Biden basically labeled half the country as extremists, as he was flanked by the military in front of a place that is supposed to signify the birthplace of America, Independence Hall.

We all know Joe doesn’t write his own material, and he is never allowed to go off script, so one has to wonder who wrote this inflammatory propaganda and why no one gave them a second opinion. You know, how about” don’t piss off half the country right before the midterm.”

Fifty-six say the speech “represents a dangerous in rhetoric and is designed to incite conflict amounts Americans.” Only 35 percent say the speech was “acceptable campaign messaging that is to be expected in an election year.” Nearly 8 percent have no opinion.

Quite obviously the Democrats have a plan here. They want to poke, prod, and incite Republicans until someone does something stupid, then Joe Biden can say “see, told you”! Unfortunately for them, this poll just reinforces what we know; people are starting to see through this sham of an administration.

The following day after Thursday’s speech, Biden tried to walk back his dark speech that portrayed the Republicans as extremists who threatened the United States. “I don’t consider any Trump supporter to be a threat to the country,” Biden replied when asked by reporters.

“When people voted for Donald Trump and support him now, they weren’t voting for attacking the Capitol. They weren’t voting for overruling an election,” he backtracked. “They were voting for a philosophy that he put forward.”

Well Joe, it’s a little late to say, “just kidding”. Perhaps your handlers should more closely vet what you are about to mindlessly repeat, Ron Burgundy-style into the camera.

This genie is out of the bottle. Biden has labeled half of the country as extremists, and it’s too late to take it back. Never in my life have I seen an American President throw down the hatred for his fellow Americans like Biden did Thursday night. The polls reflect it, and the ballot boxes will in November as well.

This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics

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