New Poll Has Fantastic News For Georgia GOP

A new poll that was published by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution between the dates of September 5-16, has revealed that the state seems to once again be headed toward the red, meaning the GOP side of the political spectrum.

If you remember, the 2020 election was a complete disaster for the Republican Party in Georgia. Democrats ended up pulling out major victories in the state, including in both senatorial runoffs, which enabled the left to take over the Senate. And we’ve all been experiencing just how awful that’s been, which might explain why the state is drifting back to the red side.

Here’s more from the Daily Wire:

But the latest AJC poll for the 2022 election shows the GOP leading Democrats in all the key races.

GOP senatorial candidate Herschel Walker leads incumbent Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock 46%-44%; GOP Gov. Brian Kemp is running far ahead of Democrat Stacey Abrams 50% to 42%; GOP state Sen. Burt Jones is leading Democrat Charlie Bailey 43%-33%; GOP Attorney General Chris Carr crushing Democratic state Sen. Jen Jordan, 45% to 35%, and Georgia’s top election official, GOP Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, walloping Democratic state Rep. Bee Nguyen 50%-31%.

The poll found that among the 51% of respondents who “strongly” disapprove of President Biden, roughly 36% were independents.

In 2021, over 750,000 voters did not vote in the January runoff elections after they had voted in the November presidential. An AJC poll at the beginning of February 2021 found that more than 75% of Republican voters believed there had been widespread voter fraud in the presidential election.

Something that really ate up the GOP over losing control of the Senate due to two runoff elections was that in November, David Perdue gained 49.7 percent of the vote, which put him ahead of his Democratic Party challenger, Jon Ossoff, who had 47.9 percent of the vote. However, Georgia law states that in order for a person to win an election, they have to win with 50 percent of the vote. Because a candidate won, but didn’t meet the 50 percent requirement, there had to be a runoff vote.

Perdue receiving 2,462,617 votes only needed 14,000 more to reach the 50 percent mark that would have ensured his victory and would have enabled the GOP to remain in control of the Senate.

However, when he did not reach the plateau, a runoff was then required. Ossoff ended up winning by 55,000 votes, which is a number that Perdue would have been able to pull out had their been typical Republican voter turnout during the election.

The moral of the story here is that we need folks to show up to the polls this November. Don’t sit on your couch and moan and complain about how awful the country is right now. Do something about it. Let your voice be heard. Stand up and be bold.

Complaining is useless without taking action. While there is a lot we do not have control over, we do happen to have control over whether or not we show up to the polls and cast a ballot. Show up. Don’t let the left discourage you from making it out to vote. We as a nation cannot afford that.




This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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