Non-binary Alien couple turn heads, face criticism in public

What in the world is a non-binary alien couple?! Well, these are two people (or aliens), who seem to be in love, and who have a thing for looking like extraterrestrials. This strange couple opened up about the harsh criticism their get in public. 

Hannah Rose Dalton and Steven Raj Bhaskaran are living in Paris. They are designers, and artistic souls, who run an Instagram account named @matieresfecales. If you take a good look at that account name, you’ll realize that Hannah and Steven are sassier than they look. Yeah, these two suck on plastic snakes and wear weird-looking pumps in front of a camera as a form of art.

Around 740K people follow Dalton and Bhaskaran on Instagram

One of the things that the poor fellas and chicks had to read on the aliens’ account was: “Just a reminder that people may point, stare and laugh at you all while making cruel jokes at your expense, but it’s your right to live on this planet just like them, even if they don’t understand you. It’s your right to dress however you want, live however you want, and be whoever or whatever you want. It’s your right to live free, and they can all suck it.”

They said: “We used to live in fear but showing one another unconditional love and support gave us enough courage to live our authentic truth, together.”

Steven has written a statement for Show Studio where he said that he and his partner try to find answers to some troublesome questions through their art, as reported.

“I’m a victim of society. A victim of abuse. I’ve questioned the human existence ever since I could remember. Questioning why was I born a person of colour and why am I treated differently because of it.”

“Trying to understand gender and where I belong within that spectrum. Why did I never fit in with the other kids and why did they hate me for it?

… “Why didn’t I deserve to get a private education? Why can’t I fit in with the adults and why do they hate me for it? Why is it dangerous to wear women’s clothing if you are a male-bodied person?”

People’s reactions to the couple are frequently mixed offline and online. People have spit on them, called them the devil, laughed, and turned their heads to look at them. But it’s not all bad – some people want to take photos with them, and some call them an inspiration.

Whatever the case might be, these aliens/persons look unique. Definitely not a normal couple that drinks tea and reads yesterday’s newspapers after a long day inside a cubicle. Hey, if you decide to tease people with some outlandish looks and weird photos, you better prepare yourself for some criticism. Don’t dish it if you can’t handle it!


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