North Korea’s New Law Banning Denuclearization Reveals Kim Jong Un’s Greatest Fear

On Friday, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un signed a brand-new law that has forbidden any sort of denuclearization, which makes the Communist country’s march toward developing nuclear weapons “irreversible,” as it outlaws denuclearization talks with any outside country. But that’s not all. This law exposes Kim’s greatest fear. Assassination.

The law in question mandates an immediate nuclear strike should Kim or other top officials be harmed by foreign nations. What this says to me is this guy knows he’s an evil piece of human garbage. The ideology he pushes makes his own people suffer while he lives high on the hog off the sweat of their brow. He knows there are a lot of people who hate him, that the hate is justified, and that as a result of the misery he’s caused, there are folks who would like to see him in a six-foot hole. Thus, he’s created this law to dissuade foreign nations from trying to take him out.

Here’s more according to Breitbart:

The new legislation, passed by the rubber-stamp “Supreme People’s Assembly” on Thursday, supersedes a 2013 law that laid out North Korea’s nuclear ambitions in less belligerent terms. Among other differences, the 2013 law did not specify conditions under which North Korea would initiate a nuclear war without hesitation.

In addition to using its atomic weapons to retaliate against “decapitation” strikes against the Communist aristocracy, the new law stipulates nuclear weapons will be preemptively launched if North Korea believes it might be attacked with weapons of mass destruction, if the regime believes its “existence” is threatened, or if North Korea appears to be losing a conventional military conflict.

Kim rolled out the new law with a bellicose speech in which he accused the United States of trying to weaken North Korea, with the ultimate goal of “collapsing” his regime. He denounced the U.S. and South Korea for resuming joint military exercises and vowed his regime would not abandon its nuclear missile program, even if punitive international sanctions lasted for “one hundred years.”

“The utmost significance of legislating nuclear weapons policy is to draw an irretrievable line so that there can be no bargaining over our nuclear weapons,” Kim went on to say about the new law.

“As long as nuclear weapons remain on earth, and imperialism remains and maneuvers of the United States and its followers against our republic are not terminated, our work to strengthen nuclear force will not cease,” he continued in his rant.

The petty tyrant then made some rather derogatory comments about the “Kill Chain” strategy of South Korea, which is a decade old protocol that was de-emphasized under the leadership of liberal President Moon Jae-in, but has since been given a little political CPR thanks to his successor, Yoon Suk-yeol. The Moon administration didn’t entirely abandon the strategy, but it did change the change the name to “Strategic Strike Center” to try and downplay how important it was to their defense.

What does this plan entail?

The Kill Chain was developed as a plan to take out the nuclear command structure and senior leadership of North Korea with preemptive strikes if the country of South Korea should come to believe that a nuclear attack from the nation is about to be launched. Given the only thing separating the two countries is a border, I think South Korea has the right to have some kind of defense plan in place to help protect themselves from the maniac to the north.

The Yoon administration in July approved a purchase order for 20 more F-35A stealth fighters from the United States over the next six years, at a cost of almost $3 billion, to improve its ability to execute Kill Chain plans. South Korea currently has 40 F-35s in its inventory,” Breitbart reported.

“The U.S., South Korea, and other observers believe North Korea is about to resume nuclear testing, ending a five-year pause that began under the Trump administration. Satellite images show work apparently under way to reactivate the underground nuclear testing site at Punggye-ri, which was ostentatiously shut down and supposedly demolished in 2018,” the report continued.

Kim Jong-un should definitely feel paranoid. The kind of things he’s done to his own people and the threats he’s made to nations around the world have made him an enemy of the vast majority of free nations of the world. And there’s no way Biden’s going to do anything significant to prevent conflict with the communist country. Why would the dictator take Biden seriously? The guy barely remembers his own name.

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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