Politico’s New Owner Heaps Praise On Trump’s Record; Liberal Response Is Typical

Liberals of the modern era — well, probably of any era, really — are big believers in the idea of groupthink. They want all of the good little leftists out there to be in complete and total lockstep with their agenda and ideology or else you get your membership card revoked. That’s a joke by the way. A membership card takes up paper and that’s not green so they don’t have one.

Anyway, doesn’t that sort of sound like religion? Kind of funny that it does indeed sound like ascribing and agreeing with a set of beliefs in order to belong to a certain religious sect, seeing as how the vast majority of liberals hate religion with the intensity of a thousand burning suns.

If you dare to step off the path and say something not pre-approved, if you have the audacity to think for yourself…well, you’re going to get shamed until you repent or kicked out of the church.

That’s precisely what the new owner of Politico is finding out after praising former President Donald Trump’s record while in office. As you can imagine, that did not at all go over well with the liberal crowd.

Here’s what TheBlaze had to say about it:

Politico, the go-to political news website for D.C. insiders, is under fire from the left after the Washington Post reported that the company’s new German owner wants to focus on “nonpartisan” journalism and once sent an email appearing to endorse former President Donald Trump for re-election in 2020.

Mathias Döpfner is a billionaire media mogul and the new owner of Politico after his publishing company, Axel Springer, bought the website and its affiliate sites in a $1 billion deal last year. In an interview with the Washington Post, Döpfner said he’s concerned that American media has become too polarized and sees an opportunity for Politico to “prove that being nonpartisan is actually the more successful positioning.”

But the Post questioned how Döpfner “hopes to define nonpartisan journalism,” noting that his own political beliefs “have remained something of a mystery.” In an apparent attempt to out Döpfner as a secret Trump supporter, the paper reported an email Döpfner sent to his closest executives in 2020 that has now provoked controversy on social media.

Dopfner is said to have asked his associates in the email, “Do we all want to get together for an hour in the morning on November 3 and pray that Donald Trump will again become President of the United States of America?” 

The Washington Post then went on to say that Dopfner made the case that the policies of the Trump administration on five key issues that are personally important to the new Politico CEO were right on the money, “namely that Trump defended ‘free democracies’ against Russia and China; pushed NATO allies to pay their obligated dues; pursued ‘tax reforms’; achieved peace deals in the Middle East; and challenged big tech monopolies. A sixth issue where Döpfner reportedly thought Trump fell short was tackling climate change.”

“No American administration in the last 50 years has done more,” Döpfner reportedly went on to write in the message.

When he was confronted concerning the email, Dopfner pulled out the old, “deny, deny, deny” strategy and said that he never wrote an email praising Trump.

“That’s intrinsically false,” he said in a comment to the Post. “That doesn’t exist. It has never been sent and has never been even imagined.”

But there’s a problem. When he was shown a printed copy of the email, the CEO then admitted that maybe, just maybe, he sent it out after all, but it wasn’t for real. No, it was sent “as an ironic, provocative statement in the circle of people that hate Donald Trump.” 

The Post then stated that there are reports going around that Dopfner criticized cancel culture — he should as it deserves criticism — in private and “gripes about identity politics” in the conversations he has with his buddies.

The liberal response to this was typical.

“Dear Politico CEO: If you are going to be a Trump supporter, at least have the courage to admit it,” Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) posted in a tweet. “Lying is never a good look for a media organization’s CEO. You didn’t just remain silent or say you didn’t remember. You went above and beyond and embellished your lie. Pathetic.”


This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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