Popular Rap Radio Host Makes Liberal Heads Explode After What He Said About Ron DeSantis And His Immigration Moves

There’s nothing that will make liberal heads pop like hot buttered popcorn more than a public figure in the world of entertainment looking at the moves being made by a diehard conservative Republican and giving them praise. This is why you can currently hear the “pop! pop! pop!” right now of liberal brain boxes all over America. Because that’s exactly what rap radio host Charlamagne tha God has done with Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis and his alpha move to ship illegal migrants up to Martha’s Vineyard, which has exposed leftist hypocrisy on the topic of immigration.

While speaking during his Comedy Central show, “Hell of a Week,” Charlamagne tha God heaped a ton of praise on DeSantis for taking action that exposed the hypocrisy of radical leftists on the issue of immigration.

“For months, Republican governors have sent busloads of illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities like New York, D.C., and Chicago, with the message of, ‘If you like them so much, they’re yours, OK?’” Charlamagne kicked things off. “Well, just in time for Hispanic Heritage Month, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis upped the game by sending two planefuls of immigrants to the East Coast, elites’ favorite vacation island, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.”

“I personally think it’s genius,” he stated, knowing full well his comment was going to explode all over the Internet and likely send a gaggle of angry blue-haired hippie rejects of the modern liberal movement scrambling to mean tweet him.

“But I wish that governors like Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott would give Democratic governors and mayors more of a heads-up, because then, that would expose the hypocrisy of the Democrats, which is they don’t want immigrants here, either,” he went on to say, which is the absolute truth. We all know that the reason liberals are clamoring for advanced warning about the buses headed to their cities. In reality, if DeSantis and others did give notice, it would just result in more whining and complaining.

Here’s more from TheBlaze:

Charlamagne’s panel — consisting of Angela Rye, Malcolm Gladwell, and Roy Wood Jr. — actually made salient points themselves.

Wood, for instance, pointed out that sanctuary cities, which are mostly run by Democrats, are the “same cities that ship out their homeless people to the outside counties.”

“A lot of these Democratic cities, ‘Oh, we love people, oh we love people. Hey homeless man, get your a** out of here.’ They deliberately hide people already. So a lot of these Democrats that are complaining about the Republicans are running something similar within their own counties,” Wood said.

Rye, meanwhile, asked why the U.S. government repeatedly sends billions of dollars to help [Eastern Europe] fight its war against Russia while the border crisis and migrant crisis rage on stateside.

“Why can’t we use those same resources to figure out what to do with immigrant populations here?” she then went on to ask.

Rye, a typical liberal, then went on to make the claim that the real reason these GOP governors were shipping migrants out of their states was because of racism. You know, because these folks have brown skin, which is hilarious because, believe it or not, there are Hispanic individuals who are born with every possible tone of skin.

So, for Rye to make such a claim and have it be true, she’d then have to take some time and explain why Martha’s Vineyard decided to immediately give the boot to every migrant that arrived in the area to Cape Cod.

Especially since more than 89 percent of the residents in Duke County, which is mostly made up of Martha’s Vineyard, are white as Wonder Bread, according to information taken from the U.S. Census. Kind of seems like the exact opposite of Rye’s claim, right?

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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