President Of Teacher’s Union Tries To Teach DeSantis A Lesson…She’s The One Who Needs To Learn A Thing Or Two

Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers union, tried to “school” Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, but it turns out she’s the one who needed to be taught a lesson. In the arena of history as a matter of fact. You’d think by now that raging left-wingers would have learned that you can’t mess with DeSantis. The mighty, the powerful, the woke, Disney, tried to take on DeSantis. They lost in explosive fashion. As did Paypal. And yet Weingarten thought she could take Sensei DeSantis?

She got a crane kick to the proverbial face. And guess what? Just like Johnny Lawrence, DeSantis has no problem sweeping the leg.

According to the Daily Wire this all started because of a comment from the true Master of Disaster, Gov. DeSantis, concerning the founding of the U.S. and the fact that the prescription for bringing an end to slavery was actually written into our founding document, the Constitution.

Making a reference to the “1619 Project,” DeSantis went on to say, “They want to teach our kids that the American Revolution was fought to protect slavery, and that’s false. We know why the American Revolution was fought. They wrote pamphlets, we saw them dump tea into the Boston Harbor. We saw them meet in Philadelphia, and we have the records of why they revolted against King George III.”

The Florida Republican, who has become something of a folk hero to conservatives across the country due to his no-holds-barred attitude, also stated that the American Revolution caused people to start questioning the institution of slavery, pointing out that before this, no other nation had written an end to slavery into its own founding documents, which is the ideal that all men are created equal in the eyes of God and before the laws of men.

“Weingarten chimed in then, arguing that the 3/5 compromise — which limited the political power of slave states and was written with an eye toward encouraging slave states to end the practice entirely — was actually written to enshrine the practice into law,” the Daily Wire said.

This right here proves that this teacher has a false understanding of history. The very reason this particular provision was written into the Constitution was to prevent the south from being able to count slaves as part of their population, thus giving them an astounding number of representatives, which, in the end, would have ensured that slavery as an institution went on into the future.

“The American Revolution was about leaving Britain. If America’s founders questioned slavery there would not have been the heinous ‘3/5 compromise’ in the US Constitution, which was drafted and enacted AFTER the American Revolution. This is basic history …,” Weingarten proclaimed.

It did not take long for Weingarten’s critics to pounce on her for her extremely poor understanding of our founding documents and American history as a whole.

“Rx This historical illiterate, @rweingarten, has no idea what she is talking about. The 3/5ths compromise happened because slavery was actively being questioned. The solution to slavery was baked into the constitution,” one user posted in response to Weingarten’s revisionism.

“Just to be clear, this woman who has a massive influence on American education doesn’t know ‘basic history’ well enough to know the 3/5ths compromise was proposed by northern delegates to keep southern states from bolstering the institution of slavery,” Mark Hemingway stated.

“This lady is a moron,” proclaimed Rod Dreher. “The reason for the compromise is that Northerners were opposed to slavery. Better hope she is not teaching your kids history.”

“If America’s leaders didn’t question the idea of slavery [w]ouldn’t it have just been a 5/5 agreement? This moron runs the teacher’s union,” Jim Hanson wondered in his post on Twitter.

“This is just beautiful. The head of one of the largest teachers unions in the country openly demonstrates that she has absolutely no grasp of basic American history — or she is purposefully lying,” Leonydus Johnson tweeted in his reply. “Either way, it is a perfect representation of the abysmal state of govt education.”

This is why it is absolutely critical for Americans to know their history and to get it from firsthand historical sources. We cannot rely on public schools to teach true history anymore, as they have become nothing but pits for indoctrination. In fact, a vast majority of the material that is now used to educate children in the subject of American history has been created by raging progressives like Howard Zinn, who have gone back and revised the truth in order to create a narrative that supports their statist point of view.

Don’t allow yourself to fall for the lies.

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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