Russian wives threaten to break hubby’s bones, but claim it’s for a good reason

Russian wives are threatening to break their husband’s bones and there’s a legit reason for it. In order to dodge Putin’s mobilization, thousands of desperate Russians are scrambling to flee the country, as miles-long queues form to escape into border countries. After Putin ordered Moscow’s first mobilization since World War Two, with plans to immediately start conscripting some 300,000 troops to fight on the frontline, men of fighting age are racing to avoid a potential call-up.

Amid the panic, many flights were sold out, while to avoid the conscription, others appeared to resort to drastic tactics, as, for example, hours after Putin’s speech, Google searches for ‘how to break an arm at home’ skyrocketed. “I will not let my husband go. I’ll break his both legs. His duty is to raise his children,” said a wife from Tyumen in Siberia.

But, unfortunately for her and her family, if a potential recruit self-harm by breaking arms or legs to avoid the call-up, they face legal sanctions, as the authorities issued this kind of special warning, said Daily Mail. It can be seen on viral photos and videos that, driven by fears the country might lock down and send more civilians to war, airports are crowded with young men, and heavy traffic near border crossings. As for the passport control for interrogation, almost all the men were summoned near, who are mainly aged from 25 to 35 years old.

Men are trying to escape before they are prevented, as can be seen in a dramatic night time picture from Vnukovo airport in Moscow. Suggesting travel restrictions may soon be in place, flagship carrier Aeroflot said it was not ‘yet’ banning young men from traveling. An eyewitness said that “the overwhelming majority of people are Russian men.”

“Many do not know the procedure for crossing the border – this can be seen from their confused behavior.”

“They are probably going abroad for the first time.”

The Finnish border guard’s head of international affairs Matti Pitkaniitty said: “The number clearly has picked up. It is an exceptional number in the sense that it clearly is busier.”

He also added that the situation was under control and border guards were ready at nine checkpoints.

How this is going to end is hard to say, but new protests by opponents of Putin’s mobilization are going to happen again, despite 1,386 anti-war demonstrators detained in 38 cities. At least women were not barred from leaving by Putin’s new Iron Curtain.

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