Schizophrenic Obsessed With Kylie Jenner said He’s Dating the Star and She ‘Told Him’ to Murder 3 Men

A man suffering with schizophrenia who was obsessed with Kardashian’s star, Kylie Jenner, told cops that he was dating the model and that she had “told him” to stab two homeless men to death and then to strangle his cellmate.

Marvin Magallanes, 31, believed he was in a relationship with Jenner and that she had told him that someone was “trying to steal his life” and he must kill someone else to combat the threat.

The disturbed murderer stabbed Onosai Tavita, 52, and Sabah Alsaad, 49, to death. Both men were homeless and had been sleeping rough at the time of their murders. Magallanes later strangled his cellmate, Danny Pham, 27.

His first victim, Tavita, was stabbed to death by Magallanes in 2016 as he slept behind a restaurant.

He told cops that he had seen Alsaad while driving home one night at around 2:15 am on January 27, 2017. It was then that he returned home to get a kitchen knife to stab Alsaad to death as he slept on a bus bench.

Police were able to link the two killings but the search for the killer ended when Magallanes turned himself in at Anaheim Police Department in May 2017.

Whilst in jail, Magallanes was put in a shared cell with Pham who was about to be released following a joyriding conviction.

CCTV captured a crazed Magallanes attacking his cellmate as Pham desperately tried to hit the cell’s panic button.

He has been convicted by the Orange County Superior Court for the three murders and was given consecutive life sentences with no possibility of parole, despite Magallanes’ lawyers claims that he was “not guilty by reason of insanity”.

This was overruled as the prosecution successfully argued that Magallanes knew that murdering the men was wrong and was aware of his actions.

Defense lawyer, Michael Hill also argued that locking Magallanes up for his crimes was “cruel and unusual” because of his mental health issues and filed for a re-trial.

Judge Menniger denied the motions and called Hill’s calls for a re-trial “novel and interesting”.  She went on to say that the men were “randomly” targeted and murdered by Magallanes for “no apparently reason”.

The sister of Danny Pham, the cellmate who Magallanes strangled to death, told the court:

“I have been scarred with a deep wound that will last the rest of my life.

“Every day is a struggle and constant reminder of his absence… As I sat in court and listened to the evidence shown against Marvin Magallanes, I cannot believe how he did not show any sign of remorse.”

His trial was delayed as the court deliberated whether or not he was mentally fit to be charged for his crimes. A jail guard said Magallanes had a “split personality” and would randomly and suddenly change from being jovial to violent or erratic behavior.

According to reports, Magallanes was obsessed with model and reality star Kylie Jenner. He even drove to the star’s Calabasas home in 2016, even ramming the security gate with his vehicle and trying to evade security staff to break in.

He served 10 days in a community jail for vandalism.

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