Several EV batteries are so expensive, that $5 gas almost sounds like a good idea

Some electric vehicle (EV) replacement batteries are so expensive, that paying $5 per gallon of gas almost sounds like a much better idea! Old EVs are not expensive nowadays, and the vehicle market marks a great number of reasonably priced cars. A professional team of vehicle testers has recently looked into the price of swapping out six different modern EV batterie, and the news is not good.

Misunderstandings about the long-term expenses of EV ownership are common. Even though they run on batteries, electric automobiles still require suspension, tires, and brakes. Additionally, compared to internal combustion engines, these cars have a particular shelf life and deterioration due to the complicated chemistry of lithium-ion batteries. The problem is that, given enough time, engines become less expensive and can frequently be left idle indefinitely. Batteries are always deteriorating.

The absence of Tesla from this list should be noted. Simply said, there is no information available from Tesla regarding the actual cost of parts. In addition to the high battery prices, the labor costs associated with replacing the batteries are considered too. State-to-state variations exist. However, depending on the car, estimates range from $1200 to $3000. Parts make up the majority of the price. The team focused on the inexpensive Chevy Bolt first, according to The Drive.

One of the most cost-effective and practical EVs available is the Bolt. An excellent medium-distance vehicle that costs under $20,000 and has more than 200 miles of range is the secondhand pre-facelift Bolt. It has enough range to complete the majority of American everyday commutes. Additionally, it drives significantly better than the majority of commuter cars.

Older Bolts are on the verge of needing new battery packs because batteries typically last ten years, depending on usage and charging habits, and the oldest Bolts are six years old.

Because Chevrolet divided the Bolt battery pack into ten separate battery stacks housed in a single container, defective packs can be exchanged at a lower cost than a complete pack. This won’t be a fantastic solution for old batteries, though. If one pack spoils, the others won’t be far behind. The total parts cost for a brand-new battery, before tax and labor, is $9,908 for each pack, or $990.81.

The range of the city EV Hyundai Ioniq Electric is half that of the Bolt. At the same $20,000 as the Bolt, it’s also not a particularly good deal. The oldest Hyundai Ioniq Electric vehicles are five years old. Due to these batteries’ very low capacity and at least half-life, the range will significantly decrease.

For the Ioniq EV, Hyundai used a single integrated pack strategy, which requires that the entire pack be changed if there is a problem. The price is $17,845, which is about the same as the automobile itself.

The batteries in older models may severely deteriorate and the BMW i3 could be ten years old. BMW divided the battery pack into eight $3,054 (retail) battery modules for a total of $24,432 in battery costs. If a new battery pack is used to repair an outdated i3, this much exceeds the worth of the vehicle.

The Nissan Leaf is the least expensive EV on the list, with early models going for less than $10,000. Unfortunately, due to battery aging, it has serious battery degradation.

New Leaf batteries are hard to get, however the part number 295B0-3NF0B has a list price of $10,000. Antelope Valley Nissan estimates that labor costs $1,320 and battery costs are frequently less than the list price.

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