South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem Promises To Take Big Action Against Grocery Tax But Here’s What Needs To Happen First

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, a Republican, has promised that she will permanently repeal the state’s current grocery tax, but there’s something that needs to happen first. She has to be reelected to the office come November.

Breitbart is reporting that Noem said if the proposal manages to pass, it will end up being “the largest tax cut in state history” and would “put hundreds of dollars in the pockets of the average South Dakota family.”

Noem stated that the increased cost of living, which has come about as a result of President Joe Biden’s horrific economic policies spiking the inflation rate, is what inspired her to come up with the proposal.

“I have seen families across South Dakota struggling to make ends meet with rising inflation because of President Biden’s policies. His failed liberal agenda has caused the cost of food to skyrocket, and family budgets are being stretched thin,” Noem said during an interview with Fox News.

We wouldn’t be in the mess we are in today if Biden hadn’t decided to keep printing funny money for stimulus checks, which burned through billions and billions of dollars, and then increased inflation. Now, the price of basic necessities, like food, has gone up exponentially. If you’ve been to the grocery store, you’ve no doubt noticed you are spending a heck of a lot more for things than you used to and have even less to show for it.

“Noem says the tax cut will save people in the Mount Rushmore state approximately $100 million,” the report said. “The announcement comes as inflation has surged to historic levels, with grocery prices increasing by 13.5 percent since last year.”

Breitbart reported that compared to a year ago, the price of eggs has increased by 39.8 percent, butter went up by 24.6 percent, bread has increased by 16.2 percent, and now sugar is up 15.9 percent.

“In addition to her grocery tax repeal promise, Noem proposed to cut the state’s bingo tax and fees representing less than $40,000 in annual revenue, the Associated Press reported. The governor made the announcement Wednesday in Rapid City along with state legislators, state employees, and Corey Lewandowski, according to the Rapid City Journal,” Breitbart stated.

Noem is currently up for reelection, facing off against Democratic gubernatorial nominee Jamie Smith. Noe was first elected to be governor of the state back in 2018 and served as the state’s at-large U.S. representative from 2011 to 2019.

We need leadership at both state and federal levels who understands how the economy works and will stop trying to purposefully crash the market, enabling the nation to heal up and once again become prosperous. People are suffering due to the policies of Joe Biden, which is why it is critical for states to choose a governor who will fight against garbage socialist economic policy and do what is best for the state.

And what is best for a state is not always the easiest choice to make. Many folks will probably feel like things are worse, but that’s not true. It’s the liberals trying to spin things.


This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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