Sunny Hostin Ruthlessly Attacks Republican ‘View’ Co-Hosts, Calls Them ‘Complicit’

Sunny Hostin, one of the hosts of “The View” took an opportunity during Monday’s episode of the program to launch a series of ruthless attacks on her Republican Party co-hosts, Ana Navarro and Alyssa Farah Griffin, for sticking with the GOP, going on at one point to refer to Griffin as “complicit” for working in the White House during former President Donald Trump’s term. So much for all of that tolerance and acceptance the left preaches, right?

You know, it’s actually possible for us all to listen to each other and have decent conversations about our differences instead of attacking one another, which is exactly what extremist progressives want. After all, a divided people is so much easier to control than one that’s united under a specific shared set of values.

A report from Fox News said that the hosts of the program — who would ever want to watch this garbage? — were talking about the possibility of a third party emerging on the scene when Hostin, who is notorious for slamming the Republican hosts on the show, despite the fact they are both pretty rabid in their anti-Trump stances, wondered why the two don’t just walk out on the GOP.

“I reject the framing that, is it about three parties. I think the framing is the Republican Party or the Democratic Party. You can also be an independent. So there are three options, but if you remain in the Republican Party, given what you seen and given what you know, are you complicit, and is it better to leave the party and become independent?” Hostin went on to say.

Navarro then gave some push back, stating that she was a “registered Republican” who donates cash to Democrats who she thinks are “better.” Now, hold on just a minute. I don’t think it’s necessarily a good idea to donate cash to someone who, ultimately, hates the ground you walk on, just because you have some conservative values. These people don’t just see us as folks who disagree with them. They view us as their enemies.

“You stumped for Biden,” Hostin correctly pointed out; Navarro spent some time working for Biden’s Florida outreach in 2020. You know, now that I think about it, maybe Navarro and her friend should just go ahead and leave the party…it doesn’t seem like they are really a part of it anyway.

“I argue and call out the people who have lost their principles and who I think have lost their way in defending what I thought were Republican values. So I – I mean, the question is do you piss from inside the tent or from outside?” Navarro went on to add.

“And I truly think you piss from outside, I mean you certainly were complicit, you worked there,” Sunny replied. And that’s when she turned her attention to Farah Griffin.

Griffin asked the angry, bitter Democrat if she’d rather have a person like Navarro “trying to reform the party from within.”

“There’s going to be a Republican Party whether you want there to be or not, so wouldn’t you want someone who’s sober-minded and sound and more aligned with you?” Farah Griffin asked during the segment.

Hostin answered by saying she didn’t believe that strategy would ultimately be effective.

Just last Friday, Hostin launched an assault on Latino Republicans stating that by throwing support behind the GOP they were “voting against” their own self interests.

“That’s what’s so interesting to me, that there are so many Latinos that vote Republican because they vote against their own self-interest. If you really are interested in these types of issues, then you’re a Democrat,” Hostin whined.

So, it’s voting against their own interests to support candidates that want to provide them with more liberty, less taxation, and protect the hard work they’ve invested into coming through immigration the right way, while liberals handle criminals who cross the border illegally all kinds of free handouts? Really?

Someone get this woman a Snickers. She’s a total moron when she’s hungry.

You can see the full video clip here.

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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