The Clinton Girls Fail Epically Trying To Roast Trump on The View

Hillary Clinton just won’t go away! She finally announced she doesn’t want to lose again in 2024, but she just can’t fade into myth and folklore. She is like that rash that just won’t clear up, or the weeds that keep growing in your yard despite all the lawn treatments. Only slightly less smart.

So, it’s apropos that she appeared recently on the smartest daytime talk show in the history of forever, The View! Whoopi, Joy and the girls are never at a loss for intelligent conversations and hard-hitting journalism. As a special treat Hillary brought her stunning daughter Chelsea with her to spice up the morning. Ah, The View, the best reason ever to have a day job! Just for fun, let’s see what the New York Post says:

The 2016 presidential candidate appeared alongside daughter Chelsea for an interview on “The View” Wednesday to promote their new AppleTV+ show “Gutsy” — and audiences were less than impressed.

Oh, snap! I have an Apple Tv subscription because I can’t watch enough of Ted Lasso (highly recommended), now I can tune in and watch my favorite two Clinton girls do hard hitting journalism! Or I can watch reruns of Seinfeld or literally anything else.

Television needs the Clinton girls like Joe Biden needs a dirt bike. Not at all! The thought of seeing Hillary and Chelsea on my television makes me want to buy a stereo.

During the on-air love-in, Clinton, 74, was asked about the recent raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property, with the former first lady saying it was “terrifying” to learn that the ex-president was in possession of documents about a foreign nation’s nuclear capabilities.

“I think this should be taken seriously, and it’s not a laughing matter,”

Terrifying? Really Hillary? Terrifying is becoming the new buzz word. It’s being overused and taken out of context. Is anyone REALLY scared that Trump may or may not have had a document that he likely rightfully was allowed to have? Really? Trick or treat must be a hoot in the Clinton household if they scare this easily.

Clinton urged right-wing voters to reject her 2016 presidential competitor, saying they need to “reconstitute the Republican Party to where it used to be, and not the party of Trump, which I think is very dangerous to the country.”

I’m sure all the 11 conservatives that watch The View will take her advice under advisement. Hillary fails to recognize that the reason the Republican party is where it is, might be because of the Democrats, specifically Obama and current failure-in-chief Joe Biden.

It should be recalled that when Bill Clinton was in office, we didn’t have this kind of acrimony and division between the parties. No, this is an Obama byproduct, so Hill and the Dems have no one to blame but themselves.

Meanwhile, Chelsea also chimed in, claiming that Trump has “mainlined hate” in America.

Here’s the problem; the Clintons have no idea what America is. All they know is privilege and wealth and power on the taxpayer’s dime. Chelsea Clinton was born with an entire set of silver flatware in her mouth, not just the spoon. Her comments on Trump mainlining hate are laughably out of touch.

Predictably, social media had a few things to say.

The Clintons need to go away. This country has enough division right now without Hillary Clinton chiming in. Her hands are filthier than President Trump’s five iron after 36 holes at Mar-a-Lago. Go away ladies and take The View with you.

This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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