Tragic: Man Reportedly Kills Teen For His Political Status

It didn’t take long after Biden’s extremely divisive speech for liberals to be fired up with rage against republicans and now a young teen has lost his life because of it. A man in Grace City, North Dakota has just admitted to purposely running over a teen due to the teen’s conservative ideology.

According to the paperwork filed in the case, Shannon Brandt, 41 years old, contacted 911 at 2:35 on Sunday morning to claim that he had struck a pedestrian because the person was threatening him. Brandt said to a 911 dispatcher that the pedestrian was a member of a “Republican extremist” organization and that he feared the teen was “going to get him.”

After examining the location where the event took place, the deputies traveled to Brandt’s residence in Glenfield, North Dakota, which is located around 12 minutes away from the site of the murder. Brandt who identifies as a Democrat acknowledged drinking alcohol before the event and indicated that he struck Ellingson with his vehicle because he had a political dispute with him. Brandt also revealed to the deputies that after leaving the site of the collision first, he returned to make a 911 call but then departed the area once again before the officers arrived.

According to the records filed in the case, Ellingson contacted his mother just before the collision and inquired about Brandt’s identity. She answered in the affirmative and then informed her son that she was already on her way to pick him up. According to the records filed in the case, a short while later Ellingson contacted his mother once again to report that “he” or “they” were after him. After the second attempt to contact Ellingson, further attempts to do so were unsuccessful.

At a hospital in Carrington, it was determined that Ellingson had passed away. Brandt is facing charges of criminal vehicular murder and driving under the influence of alcohol. According to the documents filed in the case, the bond was set at $50,000 which is extremely low considering Brandt has already admitted to purposely running over Ellingson.

Ellingson was not representing a gang but rather his political party and that is what ultimately led to his death. Networks like CNN and MSNBC have been pushing MAGA republicans as terrorists for the last two years and now it appears their listeners are fully brainwashed and believe that  Republicans are extremely dangerous.

This year alone dozens of Trump supporters have been attacked and several others have been killed for their political alignment with the Republican Party. In 2020, Michael Reinoehl who was a member of the far-left group Antifa, gun downed Trump supporter Jay Donaldson in cold blood. The shooting occurred in Portland, Oregon, and was one of the several violent attacks against Conservatives by Antifa.

Being a Conservative Christian nowadays is more dangerous than being in a violent gang like the crips and the bloods. America needs to be made safe again!

This story syndicated with permission from anthony, Author at Trending Politics

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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