‘Traitor’ Liz Cheney threatens to leave GOP over Trump (video)

During the Texas Tribune Festival, Wyoming GOP Rep. Liz Cheney said she would not remain a Republican if former President Donald Trump is nominated as the Republican Party’s nominee in 2024. Cheney was trolled very badly after her threat. Some people referred to Cheney as a “traitor” and asked her to leave the Republican Party.

WATCH the video:

In addition, she expressed willingness to support Democrats since her party has accepted candidates who deny the results of the 2020 elections. “Yes,” Cheney, of Wyoming, simply responded responding to a question about whether she would be willing to stump for the Democrats – essentially the first time she has ever explicitly said so.

Cheney is poised to leave Congress after losing the Republican primary to a challenger backed by Trump in August. “I’m going to make sure Donald Trump, I’m going to do everything I can to make sure he is not the nominee. And if he is the nominee, I won’t be a Republican,” she declared.

The remark was made by Cheney during a discussion at the Texas Tribune Festival in Austin while discussing Arizona gubernatorial candidate and election denier Kari Lake, said CNN.

A longtime critic of former president Donald Trump, Cheney said, “partisanship must have a limit” and referred to Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin, who has declared that he would campaign for Lake. Cheney said, “He’s demonstrated that he’s somebody who has not bought into the toxin of Donald Trump — but he campaigned recently for Kari Lake, who’s an election denier, who is dangerous.”

“I’m going to do everything I can to make sure Kari Lake is not elected,” Cheney continued.

But Cheney would not suggest she wants the Democratic Party to maintain control of the House after the midterms.

Cheney claimed that there were many “bad policies” in the Biden administration, but then went on to say, “I think it’s really important though, as voters are going to vote, that they recognize and understand what the Republican Conference consists of in the House of Representatives today.”

Last month, the primary defeat of Cheney against Trump-backed lawyer Harriet Hageman was a major marker in the broader struggle over the leadership of the Republican Party. Her adamant opposition to the former president led to her expulsion from the House GOP leadership last year. And this year, she trailed in the polls at home because of her role in helping to lead the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Cheney refused to provide much detail about her future plans, particularly regarding whether she will seek the presidency. Nor has she revealed much about the plans of the House committee charged with probing the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Cheney did say that she does not think the committee’s hearings will conclude this week. On whether the House January 6 committee will speak with Trump before its investigation concludes, Cheney said, “Let me say that any interaction that Donald Trump has with the committee will be under oath and subject to penalties of perjury.”

But she did share that the committee has received approximately 800,000 pages from the Secret Service in response to a subpoena.

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