Trouble at the NY Times: Newspaper Employees Refuse To Go to Work

I used to so look forward to sitting down every day and reading the newspaper. Growing up, we actually got a morning and an evening paper out of Cincinnati. All the news fresh and hot! I would digest the sports box scores and read the comics, but I wasn’t much on the actual news. That probably explains why I didn’t turn out to be a huge leftist like so many today. In retrospect, print media, even in the 80’s and 90’s was likely rife with lefty ideas and opinions, and if you were never exposed to the other side of the coin, guess what? You became a lefty. Looking back on my affinity for the USA Today, I barely dodged a bullet!

Print media is a dying industry in 2022. The internet, numerous round-the-clock news sources on cable and streaming, and news podcasts have all but eliminated the demand for newspapers and magazines. Even online versions of newspapers struggle. It’s easy to see why. With ample choices, many of which present the opposite viewpoint, most of the mainstream print media, which is super liberal, have bled readers.

That hasn’t stopped the fine journo’s down at the New York Times from making ridiculous demands before they come back to the office! Check this out from Outkick:

The multimedia news organization said it wants employees to begin coming into the office three days a week, starting soon. But a substantial portion of the NYT workplace, over 1,300 journalists, are refusing to comply with the new requirement.

Hey, everyone loves being home and working from home! I am doing it right now. Mine wasn’t covid related, rather a change in career path. I suppose if I were told I had to report to an office, I would report to an office or find another job. I don’t pretend myself as that important, as apparently 1300 “journalists” at the Times do.

Times workers are upset that they’re being forced back during a period of “high inflation,” meaning that work expenses like gas or mass transit are significantly higher than 2019.

Does anyone else get the irony here? The Times is one of the most liberal, leftist papers in the nation and likely had a near 100% support for Bare-shelves-Biden in 2020, now they want to complain about inflation and an economic crisis they helped create. Tough luck if it costs more to commute to your office to do your leftist journalism. It’s costing everyone more, even the ones that didn’t want this mess.

The union, meanwhile, is demanding an 8% raise and a “cost-of-living increase of 5.25%,” permanent remote work options, and no mandatory return to the office before July 2023.

Democrats love unions, so it’s ironic that the union involved here is sticking it to the paper. The journo’s union wants more money to stay at home for longer, or permanently. That’s a hell of a union! New York Times journo’s are already grossly overpaid for what they do and their importance to a dying medium, but by all means demand more to help defray the costs of inflation you voted for.

This has to be a hard “no” from the Times. You can’t let the employees run the business. However, if there is a way for both sides to lose that would be best. The Times and their journalists need to feel the pain of what they helped make a reality, Joe Biden. We won’t call it even then, but it’s a start.



This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics

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