TV Critics Obliterates New Series From Hillary Clinton In Savage Review

Apparently, the new series, “Gutsy,” by Hillary and Chelsea Clinton on Apple TV sucks pretty hardcore, which is likely not the result the mother-daughter team were hoping for. Reviewers who watched the series said it lacked “depth,” “personality,” and much more. It seems that Hillary is just destined to fail and darn near everything she puts her hand to, doesn’t it?

One review from the Hollywood Reporter, which was titled, “‘Gutsy’ Review: Hillary and Chelsea Clinton’s Blandly Uplifting Apple TV+ Docuseries,” featured the reviewer saying that even “proClinton” viewers will likely have a difficult time with the fact that both “Clintons are lackluster as TV hosts,” despite having decades of time in the limelight.

The review then goes on to explain that the causes the Clintons chose to highlight are “largely unobjectionable” as long as you’re a foaming at the mouth liberal.

“For a certain type of viewer — say, a devoted Clinton fan or a budding feminist in search of role models — it might make for a decent primer on the broad spectrum of issues affecting Americans today, from motherhood to environmentalism to the fight for LGBTQ rights,” the article goes on to say.

“However, in its restless, relentless quest for uplift, the series turns away from complexity, depth or even much in the way of personality,” the review added. “While Gutsy’s good intentions make it hard to dislike, its shallowness also makes it difficult to love.”

The review continues, saying that neither one of the Clintons “seems quite at ease with the purposefully casual vibe of the docuseries, or all that eager to reveal any more of themselves than they already have.”

“They have reason to feel plenty exposed already,” the piece stated. “Nevertheless, it makes for unsatisfying TV when the two central figures are made to look so irreproachable, they’re downright distant.”

The savage review wraps things up by saying that not even the series’ “list of heroes” and the “issues they raise” the series seems to be “stubbornly focused on spreading good vibes as far and wide as it can” instead of possibly courting “contention and controversy” by offering challenges to the current approaches being used to deal with topics like harassment, our country’s justice system, and much more.

The reviews for the series on Rotten Tomatoes were varied.

One went on to say, “Quickly enough, the gulf between how excited the hosts were to have these experiences versus how dull it was to watch them grew too large for this viewer to cross.”

“Here is the woman I sincerely hoped would be the 45th president of the United States of America trapped like some ebullient mother-of-the-bride in an endless rehearsal dinner where all the speeches comprise nothing, but self-help woo-woo,” another said.

“The encounters themselves vary in interest, but it is the series construction that really cheapens them: Even the most heroic stories can feel facile when dispensed in quick succession,” another reviewer stated.

Perhaps it’s time for Hillary Clinton to stop desperately clinging to life in the public eye and just retire, quietly, and find some meaning in her life that doesn’t revolve around stardom or some other thing that inflates her ego? I mean, seriously. Every project she’s worked on in recent years, including a run for the White House, has come to naught.

Why keep doing this to yourself? Move on already.

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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