University of New Mexico Students Show Once Again They Don’t Know the Meaning of Fascism

I think we have to admit that today’s University system is broken. If my kids were younger, I would be trying to make every effort to guide them into a trade school, or get them into a private, conservative college where they aren’t being indoctrinated and turned into Communists. That might sound harsh, but can we deny that is what’s happening? College campuses used to be real places where free speech flourished, and the marketplace of ideas lived. Now it’s a liberal battle zone where conservative students are shouted down, and any opposing speech is threatened and interrupted, all by the party that claims to be anti-fascist. Clearly some folks don’t know what the word fascist means.

Tomi Lahren is a conservative political commentator, and also does sports journalism for Clay Travis’ “Outkick”. Tomi has no problem melting snowflakes, but recently the University of New Mexico interrupted a speaking engagement to the point where Lahren feared for her safety. Real tolerant! Check this out from The Blaze:

Earlier this week, conservative political commentator Tomi Lahren was scheduled to speak at the University of New Mexico at an event sponsored by the Turning Point USA student chapter at UNM.

However, a large crowd of protesters gathered outside the event, demanding that Lahren not be permitted to speak on campus.

There is no issue with peacefully protesting an appearance by a polarizing figure like Lahren. It is a constitutional right to protest. However, the left has demonstrated time and again that they don’t understand the constitution (Roe V Wade), and they don’t know how to protest peacefully (2020).

Organizers ended the speech early due to what they said were safety concerns. Lahren and students inside the venue were escorted out after a fire alarm was pulled; Turning Point USA stated that Lahren and her father were forced to be barricaded in a safe room for 45 minutes.

This is not acceptable behavior. The Turning Point USA chapter had every right to host Lahren in their space for their event. Other students had every right to not be happy about it and protest. When the protesters started acting like animals and Lahren and her father had to be shut away to stay safe, protesting stopped being protesting and became criminal activity. The University should have made arrests and immediately dispersed the crowd when things started spinning out of control. They failed spectacularly, proving exactly what the school is all about. Fascism and anti-free speech.

Turning Point USA had this to say:

“Sadly, what happened in New Mexico is far too common…We will only get more threats of violence unless there are serious consequences for this behavior.

Lahren weighed in on the disaster and as usual didn’t hold back:

“Unfortunately the University of New Mexico doesn’t seem to care, not only about my safety, but about the safety of their own students, and left us all barricaded in a room with basically rabid banshee animals trying to bust down the doors to get to us.”

Tomi is on point with her assessment. Had this been a liberal speaker and a mob of conservative protesters had caused such a ruckus, it would’ve been the lead story on every news channel. The hypocrisy runs deep. The University released the usual faux-shock statement:

University officials said they are “investigating these incidents and will hold anyone who violated the law or University policies accountable.”

Sure you will, guys! I bet you are hard at work on it right now. Until these universities demand their student act like respectful human beings instead of animals, this type of thing will continue. Hopefully no one will have to be killed or seriously hurt before this happens.



This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics

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