Video: Biden Gives Warning to Oil Industry, But What is He Really Worried About?

President Biden gave a direct warning to oil company directors, taking steps to explore any price gouging in the fallout of hurricane Ian. Large oil producers, including BP and Chevron, shut some offshore production in the Gulf of Mexico this week as Ian grew in strength.

I want to add one more warning, to the oil and gas industry executives. Do not – let me repeat, do not – use this as an excuse to raise gasoline prices or gouge the American people. My experts informed me the production of only about 190,000 barrels a day have been impacted by the storm thus far,” Biden said. “That’s less than two percent of the United States daily production impacted for a very short period of time.”

Biden also mentioned that he has spoken with Florida Gov. DeSantis and that his group had been in consistent contact with him all along since the beginning.

“I made it clear to the governor and the mayors that the federal government is ready to help in every single way possible,” the president said, adding that the peril and danger of this event are “real.”

Biden guaranteed Florida officials that the national government would be there to help reconstruct after things are said and done. The president additionally kept adding that his experts have said to him that this event should have little effect on oil production and should not influence energy costs in any way.

According to Biden there have been hundreds of FEMA personnel dispatched to Florida and thousands of National Guard members have been activated. He continued by saying that the federal government is ready to help in every way that it can. However, not everyone is convinced.

Beyond all the other things wrong in this nation since the Biden administration has taken over, there seem to be quite a bit of people who have little to no faith in his ability to help or doubt his plans to be sound ideas on how to help. One person commented saying that Biden is worried because he has since drained the oil reserves which are supposed to be utilized for situations such as this. “Brandon is worried since he has drained our oil reserves which are supposed to be used in emergencies like this one. Oil production has been shut down for safety reasons. Gas prices always go up after such disruptions anyway. Just imagine if the Gulf and Atlantic Coast were dotted with offshore wind farms. It would be years before damaged wind farms will be up and running, while it is only a few weeks for the oil rigs. Thanks, Brandon. You don’t have a clue.”

Another user wrote, “Brandon is worried about the midterms – and they know rising gas prices will not help their cause, minimal as it is already.” While another wrote about how Biden has hindered millions of 401Ks. “Joe, sorry you already beat them to the price gouging in the form of inflation, chain management mismanagement, and your suspended drilling, leases for oil. As well as production being shuttered through your EPA policies. As you have proven in your 200 years in Congress. Everyone you point the finger at usually means you are doing it yourself. When are you going to pay us back for the money you taxed and took from our Social Security? Your policies have severely hurt not only myself but millions of others 401K’s. Any investigation should start with you.”

In all seriousness, We The People will do what we can and come together where we can help those in need. We The People will get on our knees and pray, and We The People will get through this storm just as we have with numerous others while this administration hopes they can hold onto their power as things continue to spiral downwards.

This story syndicated with permission from Omar, Author at Trending Politics

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