Want To Visit the Titanic? Sink 250k and Deep-Sea Company Will Take You!

We have all had bad vacations, haven’t we? Some are bad ideas, and some just turn out to be disasters. It’s hard to control all the circumstances. Car trouble, bad weather, too many people, illness, so many variables that can upset a family trip, “Griswold” style.

Sometimes we just make bad destination choices. Branson, Missouri? Yuck. Disney in the summer (or winter for that matter), hard pass. Any large American city in 2022? Don’t think so!

How about the adventurers? The wing suit guy that has to almost die just so he can feel something. The base jumper that needs to cheat death to know he is alive. There’s something for everyone if you have the money! If running with bulls or jumping off of something that isn’t designed to be jumped off of isn’t your thing, I may have an idea for you. Got 250 thousand? Big fan of Titanic and very small spaces?  A deep-sea company can hook you up, and probably give you claustrophobia. Check out this little slice of crazy from Outkick:

OceanGate Expeditions is a tourism company that takes paying customers and loads them in submarines to check out shipwrecks and underwater canyons.

The company offered two trips to see the Titanic over the summer and customers had to pay $250,000 to climb aboard for the eight-hour trip. OceanGate is planning another trip down to the once-thought unsinkable ship in 2023.

So, are we officially out of ideas for vacation? Who exactly does being greased up and crammed into a pressurized pod appeal to? Nothing says family fun like lots of strangers, and the ice-cold murky depths of the North Atlantic. All to see the very ship where 1500 people DIED? Why, that’s not morbid at all! Is that followed by an in-person tour of a morgue?

The ship is currently sitting on the bottom of the ocean about 400 miles off the coast of Newfoundland. Not exactly a stone’s throw, so you’ll face a bit of a voyage just getting to the site.

So not only do you have to go to the bottom of Davy Jones Locker to see the remains of 2,240 peoples’ dream vacation, but you also have to make quite a voyage to get there, obviously by boat. I’ve heard there are icebergs there. Are we really going to roll those dice again?

Let’s not even mention what’s lurking on the bottom of the ocean that wants to murder and eat you. I don’t know this for a fact, I just assume there is all manner of terrifying sea creature down there. Just like I assume space is a nightmare waiting to happen.

When did we get bored with space, by the way? Is space tourism out of style now? Not that I would pay 250k to go up in a rocket either. I’d be more likely to offer to pay you to NOT make me get in a rocket or a deep-sea death pod. I have a great business idea; for a small fee I will drive people to the South Side of Chicago and kick them out of my car. You can’t find a more dangerous vacation idea than that.

Nope, the more I think about it, the better Disney looks, even in the summer. At least there I already know what kind of crazy, creepy creatures are lurking, and I’ll spend a little less on the trip. I wonder if the deep-sea expedition will charge seven dollars for a soda?

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