Watch: Karine Jean-Pierre Not Biting on Ted Cruz Border Invite

People like to talk about stuff they don’t know about, don’t they? Everyone is an expert on everything these days. Whatever happened to “I don’t know”? It’s ok to NOT know and find out for yourself.

Maybe someone should tell White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre that it’s ok to not know. Probably would have spared her a little embarrassment last week when Fox News Peter Doocy roasted her about the border. Karine knowingly claimed that no one is just walking across the border, claiming that it just doesn’t happen like that.

“It’s not like somebody walks over,” Jean-Pierre claimed then.

Riddle me this Karine, how are they getting here then? Flying? Riding on the backs of coyotes? It actually DOES work like that, but if she had ever been to the border, she would know rather than make herself look silly, again. To be honest, she could probably just turn on a television and find out, but she must be too busy preparing her notes to watch tv.

Ted Cruz, always hospitable when it comes to his great state of Texas, recently extended an invitation to Karine Jean-Pierre to come and take a peek. Let’s see how she responded per

“Sen. Ted Cruz, he’s suggested that you come down to see for yourself whether migrants are actually crossing the border by foot,” a reporter said to Jean-Pierre.

“One thing I — I will say is I certainly don’t need lectures, or invitations from Republicans about the border or border policies,” Jean-Pierre continued. “And, you know — and I certainly won’t take advice on border from — from anyone who voted against securing record level of funding for the Department of Homeland Security.”

Apparently, KJP needs more than lectures from Republicans, because she has no clue what is happening at our southern border. Hard to villainize Karine for her ignorance though, as this entire failed administration has ignored the southern border like a stepchild.

“I’ve been to the border. I went in 2018. I stood outside facilities where the Trump Administration was separating families, tearing babies out of their mother’s arms. Some of those kids still haven’t been reunited with their families,” Jean-Pierre said.

But did you Karine? Really? Considering her track record for massaging the truth, I would need to see visual proof to believe her.

Of course, it isn’t out of the question as Democrats flocked to the border during President Trump’s administration. Every day on the news was some half-truth, out-of-context report documenting atrocities and human rights violations.

Liberals were all in their feels at the images, often misrepresented, of children crying in a holding area, or cage as the media wanted to call them, often with their mother or father just out of frame. By the way, those cages were an Obama leftover, but the media wouldn’t mention that either. Go figure.

Now, with open-borders-Biden in charge, even our so-called border czar Kamala Harris has been conspicuously absent. Small wonder Republicans like Ted Cruz float the offer to come “see for yourself” to Democrats like Karine Jean-Pierre.

Let’s hope that it is a standing invite from Cruz and eventually some Democrats will take him up on it, however, I suspect this administration will be shown the door of the White House before that happens.

This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics

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