(WATCH) Raunchy Biopic ‘My Son Hunter’ Starring Right-Wing Actor Laurence Fox is Hit at Private Screening

Starring outspoken, British conservative commentator, Laurence Fox, Breitbart’s first expansion into film production has been branded “not your mother’s conservative movie” by critics.

The movie, which is all about Hunter Biden’s wild, controversial life including heavy drug use, prostitutes, corruption, and intimate father-son heart-to-hearts was given a preview screening this week ahead of its release tomorrow.

The MailOnline reported that the preview premiere saw the movie theatre packed to the rafters with Republican commentators, conservative donors, and political figures as Laurence Fox, who is the son of the acclaimed British actor, James Fox drew in all the ‘right’ people.

The actor is the leader of the right-wing, pro-free speech The Reclaim Party, which he set up in 2020 after the demise of Ukip and in friendly competition with Nigel Farage’s newly found Brexit Party.

Laurence reportedly gives a “raunchy” performance as the president’s disgraced son, whose infamous laptop which he handed into a repair company contained vile footage of him taking crack cocaine and bedding prostitutes.

According to journalists who attended the screening, a lot of the movie is about Hunter’s unsavory antics and while it is fictional, the plot is a dramatized take on the “corruption plaguing the Bidens”.

“It is full of true stories and dodgy dealing and corruption in some very strange places – the true story is compelling – in this case truth is stranger than fiction and it makes the movie all the more watchable,” said the film’s producer, Phelim McAleer.

Scriptwriter, Brian Godawa told the MailOnline that he used real documented incidents and material to ensure that the movie had its basis in truth:

“I drew dialogue from actual incidents or documents, transcripts or emails reported in the media as the base language of Hunter and Joe’s characters, many of them actual quoted lines. And many of them were taken from Hunter’s actual emails from his laptop. I drew from Hunter’s eulogy for his brother Beau for his own description of his relationship in the movie.” 

The narrative is told from the perspective of a left-wing activist who works as a stripper and becomes involved in Hunter’s depraved world when he becomes her client:

My goal in writing My Son Hunter was to tell a fictional story about Hunter and a stripper in order to provide a creative portal through which to handle an overwhelming amount of facts about the Biden family corruption,” continued Godawa.

“My standard was that even the fictional elements would be based on the real reported lifestyle of Hunter with dancers, prostitutes, drugs and the addictive personality,’ he added. ‘This movie’s stripper may be fictional, but she represents many of Hunter’s real life experiences with strippers, even falling in love with some of them, as he does in the movie.”

In one particularly raunchy scene, Hunter meets with former Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko and his Minister of Natural Resources Mykola Zlochevsky to discuss the possibility of Hunter obtaining a seat on the Burisma Holdings LLC natural gas company while the three men have sex with prostitutes during the meeting.

Secret emails found on Hunter’s abandoned laptop revealed his tangled business deals with the Ukrainian company. Some of the emails mentioned company chiefs meeting Joe Biden, which indicates a possible conflict of interest.

“An enormous amount of My Son Hunter is based on true stories and verbatim dialogue taken from recordings or emails,” said the movie’s producer, Phelim McAlee who worked in partnership with his wife Ann McElhinney.

There are whole chunks of dialogue that were uttered by these flawed but compelling human beings.

“Hunter was very skilled at recording his every vice.”

This story syndicated with permission from Jo Marney, Author at Trending Politics

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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