Watch: US Dispatches F-15 To Shoot This Threat Down

The US urgently dashed to dispatch an F-15 fighter jet to shoot down an Iranian drone that gave off an impression of going towards US forces located over in Erbil, Iraq, on Wednesday, in a threatening manner a US official said.

US forces sent off the fighter jet in the wake of tracking down many Iranian short-range ballistic missiles set out heading towards Kurdish areas in northern Iraq Wednesday, as per two different US authorities. The underlying assessment is the missile launches were sent off from somewhere inside Iran, the authorities said. “This was a significant incident,” one of the authorities said.

“At approximately 2:10 PM local time, U.S. forces brought down an Iranian Mojer-6 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle headed in the direction of Erbil as it appeared as a threat to USCENTCOM forces in the area,” US Central Command, which regulates the US military presence in the Middle East, said in a proclamation.

Be that as it may, this is not the only brazen thing that has happened in that region. Recently, on Wednesday, nine individuals were killed, including bystanders, after Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps targeted Kurdish separatist gatherings in northern Iraq, Kurdistan Regional Government also known as KRG Health Minister Saman Barzanji said in an interview.

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) utilized rockets and drones to aim at the workplaces of Kurdish gatherings, set by Iran as terrorist associations, Iranian state-aligned news Tasnim said in a report citing the IRGC. As you would expect, and rightfully so, US Headquarters criticized the “unprovoked attack” from the IRGC in Iraq.

“Such indiscriminate attacks threaten innocent lives and risk the hard-fought stability of the region,” Senior US Central Command Representative Col. Joe Buccino said in the explanation. No US forces were injured or killed due to the strikes of the IRGC, and there was no harm to US hardware or equipment, according to the US Central Command.

Iran has been boldly trying to target aggressors situated in Iraq’s Kurdish area previously, however, attacks have been becoming more commonplace in the region, and danger has sharply risen since the end of the week. Tehran is blaming Kurdish gatherings for undermining the nation by supporting people who are protesting and who has displayed any type of disagreement or disapproval against Iranian authorities following the demise of Iranian Kurd Mahsa Amini, as indicated by Fars, a government-aligned news organization.

The two US authorities highlighted that right now the belief is that the Iranians were looking to hurt or perhaps even kill Kurdish forces to redirect attention from the protests that have been going on and have no signs of stopping over in Iran possibly. The protests have raged on in western regions of Iran, home to numerous Kurds upset by the passing of Amini.

However, the set-off of such countless long-range rockets raises worries about long-haul Iranian intentions and likely escalation, the authorities added, and I would have to agree. Should a missile strike be set off and targeted against one group of people and Americans just so happen to be in the region where the missile lands, they would most likely think nothing of it.

This story syndicated with permission from Omar, Author at Trending Politics

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