Watch: Wisconsin Democrat Rails Against America, Capitalism

Politicians are shifty people, no? They will literally say whatever they think you want to hear, right to your face and then say something completely different to someone else. No wonder our elected officials are so untrusted. It also shows how someone like Donald Trump rose to prominence in 2016 and beyond. People were, and are, just tired of the lies, half-truths, broken promises, and shady dealings.

It’s always interesting to pay attention to what candidates are saying and doing, especially when midterm elections are nearing. Many candidates say things and make claims as if there is no internet and people don’t have memories. Shocking! Sorry, but if you are going to make radical, hard left claims and present yourself as super progressive, defund the police, “squad” loving liberal, you don’t get to distance yourself from that ideology when election time comes around and those views aren’t quite as in vogue at the moment.

Wisconsin Democrat Senate candidate Mandela Barnes made a controversial speech to the UN in 2019 blaming everything under the sun, including climate change, on capitalism and America and he’s about to find out what “keeping the receipts” means. Check this out from the Washington Free Beacon:

Wisconsin Democratic Senate candidate Mandela Barnes argued to the United Nations that the United States needs to “stymie capitalism” in order to combat climate change, arguing that the free enterprise system has sent the world down a “path to destruction,”

That’s not radical at all! Or accurate for that matter. How have non capitalist economies fared historically? Not well?

I also thought climate change was cow farts and cars, not capitalism. Why am I worried about an electric vehicle when all I have to do is be a Communist?

Barnes, speaking as Wisconsin’s lieutenant governor at the 2019 U.N. Climate Change Conference in Spain, was asked what policymakers should do to address climate change. Barnes put the blame on the United States and its economic system.

“The simple answer is get money out of politics,” said Barnes. “The second answer is to stymie capitalism the way it is in America.”

So, Barnes solution for climate change is to get the money out of politics? I’m sure most of his politician buddies would like a moment to discuss this with him before giving up the cash flow. Barnes call to choke out capitalism in America is alarming from someone seeking to be a policy maker. Not a good look.

 It’s capitalism run amok, that’s why we’re in this predicament now,” Barnes said. “It’s the same reason why gun violence is so rampant in the United States of America.

Now capitalism is responsible for gun violence? I thought criminals with guns were responsible, not the economic system our country is built upon.

On the other hand, without Capitalism, people couldn’t buy guns! Then we would just have a knife violence problem. Good thinking!

He has recently worked to downplay his involvement with far-left policies and activist movements.

He recently told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that he is “not running for the Senate to join the Squad”—a reference to a high-profile group of progressive Democrats including Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (N.Y.) and Ilhan Omar (Minn.), whom he has praised. He has also distanced himself from the “defund the police” campaign, despite partnering with the movement’s leaders during his time in office.

Ouch. A little late to be flip flopping, isn’t it? That “defund the police” ideology doesn’t play very well in 2022, after most major Democrat cities have found out exactly what defunding police gets them.

Barnes has aligned himself with the most radical, far left, America hating members of his party and sang their praises. He can backtrack and flip flop all he wants, but we have the receipts, and the window to make a return is closed.

This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics

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