WHOA: Major Revelation about Biden’s Role in FBI Raid Comes Out as Disgraced FBI Agent Strzok Defends It

Apparently, it wasn’t just that Team Biden vaguely knew that the FBI was planning some raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence and acceded to it.

Rather, according to Just the News’ John Solomon, the White House was actively involved in igniting the raid and in giving permission to those involved to get the ball rolling on the precedent-shattering attack on the former president’s home.

Speaking about that on a Fox News Channel appearance, John Solomon said:

“Not only did they know, they are pushing the investigation. They gave them permission to the national archives to send the original boxes of documents Donald Trump had sent back the archives to the FBI. That launches the criminal investigation.

They then give the archives, the permission, Joe Biden’s blessing to wave the president’s best legal defense by saying you can’t claim executive privileges. The current president will not allow it to happen. All that occurs long before a grand jury drops a subpoena on President Trump lawyers in may and June and long before the raid. The Biden White House is at the ignition point of this investigation and it’s ironic… “

Meanwhile, the disgraced former FBI agent deeply involved with the Russia Hoax, itself, Peter Strzok, defending the shocking raid on former President Trump’s home.

He did so during an appearance on CNN, saying that the raid was justified because Trump “stole” documents that he had brought to Mar-a-Lago, saying:

“His attorney signs an attestation to the Department of Justice, we’ve given you back every piece of classified information. And then after that, the government develops information that there’s still classified information, stolen information, that persuades a judge not only is there that information at Mar-a-Lago, but there are also these additional crimes of obstruction because of all these false prior attempts to get it back. So, Representative Crenshaw is wrong on the facts, without question.”

Strzok also gloated about Trump still focusing on him, ignoring the fact that he was one of the ones behind a vicious, years-long investigation into the former president on the basis of nothing at all, laughing at the idea that Trump is still furious at him and saying:

“You know Don, it is a tired story, I thought at this point in 2022 I would no longer be at the point where I am living in the president’s head rent-free. And the demons come at night. There I am. It is a little surreal. It is obviously nonsense. The things that were demonstrated by the FBI’s investigation, by special counsel Robert Mueller, were unequivocally illegal acts. Which led to any number of prosecutions.“

What a horrible person, a complete Deep State hack with no understanding of why those whose lives his Gestapo-like agency’s meddling has ruined might hate him so. Like the rest of his ilk, he surely deserves what Trump has planned for him after a 2024 victory.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Facebook and Subscribe to My Email List

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