World Record Grudge Holder Caught at Ex-Wife of 40 Years Grave Getting the Last Word

Man, relationships are hard! Sometimes it takes numerous times to actually get it right. It’s not always one person’s fault; as the saying goes, it takes two to tango! Whether it be stress, money, sex, infidelity, couples tend to find something to fight about. Often through counseling or an open, honest dialogue two people can come to terms and work on their differences and make a relationship work.

Other times a split is the best idea, and a clean break is needed. That can be really hard when children are involved, but more often than not it’s in the best interest of the kids as well. Sometimes it’s best for two people to acknowledge that they tried, it isn’t going to work, and “best of luck” to you. Other times you just get divorced and urinate on your ex-wife’s grave 40 years later. Wait, what? I’ve heard of being pissed off, but this is taking it next level. Check this out from The Blaze:

The ex-husband of a deceased woman was caught on video urinating on her grave, the woman’s family told News 12.

The couple has been divorced for over 40 years, the station said.

I don’t know if there is a world record on the books for holding a grudge, but if there is, this fella probably holds it. He also held it all the way to the cemetery.

Michael Murphy told News 12 he and his sister last spring started finding deli bags filled with feces near the headstone of their mother, Linda Torello.

Murphy and his sister initially thought the bag of feces may have been left by a careless dog walker or a dog owner, News 12 said — but after a second bag was found, they were convinced they’d been left there intentionally.

I think I see where this is going. That ain’t Black Forest ham in those deli bags, rather something far more insidious that you can’t get at the deli counter. At least not at my neighborhood Kroger.

On the other hand, at least he was polite enough to bag it up, though that DOES mean this guy was picking up his own poo and putting it in deli bags. I hope he labeled them in his refrigerator first!

Murphy and his family then got permission from the cemetery to install cameras, News 12 said.

Indeed, camera timestamps showed a man coming to the grave around 6:15 a.m. for four consecutive days last week — all while the man’s wife waited in a car.

Personally, I thought most cemeteries already had cameras installed. After all, people are DYING to get in. Sorry, dad joke. The most shocking part to me is the wife waited in the car for the man to drop his goodie bag. How does that conversation happen?

“Hey, I gotta swing by the graveyard to throw this bag of poop on my ex-wife of 40 years grave. Come with?”

That would be a hard pass.

Then on Day 5, Murphy propped his camera on a nearby headstone, shot video, and confirmed the man in question is his deceased mother’s ex-husband, adding to News 12 that she divorced him over four decades ago.

“There’s been no contact since ’76,” Murphy told News 12. “I know they were married for a year; they had a bad break.”

“I could see him up there … and I could hear the urine hitting the ground,”

The family identified the suspect as Dean Eichler, WABC said, adding that he left Tortello when she got pregnant, claiming the child was not his. But the station said DNA testing showed “a much different result,” and Eichler’s biological daughter was shocked by her father’s actions.

I’m not even sure Maury Povich would have touched that DNA test, considering Eichler was so….mad that he was desecrating his ex-wife’s grave decades later.

I have two ex-wives, and more exes than I can remember in general, but I can’t figure what possesses someone to go to these extremes so many decades later. I understand wanting the last word and all, but at this point if she wasn’t listening then, she definitely isn’t now.

Thankfully Mr. Murphy resisted the urge to kick the bag of poo out of Eichler, and an arrest was made. Dean Eichler will have some time to come to terms with his anger and contemplate a life without public urination.

This story syndicated with permission from robm – For the Love of News

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