36-year-old grandma has so many kids, she drives them around in a school bus

Veronica Merritt, a mom and a grandma, has a big family. There are so many kids in her household that she has to drive them around in a school bus. Well, it’s not an easy job to handle 13 kids, and the lady found a great solution to their transportation troubles. At barely 36 years old, Merritt, a mother of 13 children, has just become a grandmother after her daughter gave birth a second time.

At the age of 14, Veronica gave birth to Victoria, who gave birth to her second child at the age of 17. The busy mom often shares her hectic daily routine with a bunch of followers she has on social media platforms.

This New York lady spends three hours every day just preparing dinner. Victoria’s eldest daughter, 22, gave birth to baby girl Maddie six weeks ago. Because the mother and the daughter gave birth eight weeks apart, Victoria believes that her child and Veronica’s child will grow up to be best friends, based on the report.

This kid counting stuff is becoming too hard to follow, but it sure is fun.  “It was pretty cool and our kids can be besties. I think it’s fabulous, I think it’s so cute that they’re gonna grow up together. “Being pregnant at the same time as my daughter isn’t something that I ever thought was gonna happen but I think it’s pretty cool.”

The mother previously disclosed how Victoria, who was born in 1999, was conceived at the age of 14. Just five years later, Veronica and her ex-husband Andrew, then 17 years old, had their first child. But after a divorce, she wed Marty, 38, and the two went on to have eight kids together. Adam, 16, Mara, 14, Dash, 13, Darla, 11, Marvelous, 9, Martalya, 7, Amelia, 5, Delilah, 4, Donovan, 2, and Modie, 3 months, are the couple’s children.

Since then, she has adopted 16-year-old Michel to join her expanding family. Because the mother’s kidney ailment frequently makes her sick, she is unable to use birth control. This is one of the common questions that the family gets.

Users have criticized Veronica for having too many children. She said: “I get a lot of mixed reactions on my TikTok and Instagram. A lot of them are super supportive, but there’s a lot of negativity as well.

“There’s a lot of hate for pretty much no reason. We’re really nice people and if people took the time to get to know us, they would know that. I think you shouldn’t bully people just because they live a little differently than you.”

This story syndicated with licensed permission from Frank who writes for a funny news blog. Follow Frank on Facebook.

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