Army’s First Transgender Officer, Johns Hopkins Wife Are Being Indicted On Shocking Charges

The wife of the Army’s first-ever transgender officer told the individual to stop being such a “coward” and to look past “ethical issues” when the couple moved forward in handing over medical records for senior officials and their families to the Russian government.

Yes, that’s right. The very first transgender officer in the United States Army is a Russian spy. Boy, you can’t make this stuff up. It sounds like the plot for a John Clancy novel or something.

The Daily Mail said that Major Jamie Lee Henry, 39, and Dr. Anna Gabrielian, 36, who worked for Johns Hopkins, have officially been accused of using their secret security clearance at Fort Bragg located in North Carolina to steal records from the hospital on base, according to the Justice Department.

“Fort Bragg is among one of the most populated military installations in the world, housing about 52,000 active duty soldiers. The base is home to the US Army’s Delta Force and Special Operations Forces,” the Daily Mail said. ”

The couple, from Rockville, Maryland, had communicated and met with an undercover FBI agent who they believed was from the Russian embassy in order to deliver files that the Kremlin ‘could exploit.’

According to details contained in the indictment, which was unsealed on Thursday, Gabrielian went on to say that it was her patriotism for Russia that served as her motivation for the crime, with Henry employing the use of the individual’s clearance as a staff internist to retrieve the files they were looking for.

‘My point of view is until the United States actually declares war against Russia, I’m able to help as much as I want,’ Henry allegedly went on to tell the undercover agent when they met to set up the deal in August. ‘At that point, I’ll have some ethical issues I’ll have to work through.’

‘You’ll work through those ethical issues,’ Gabrielian allegedly stated in reply, noting that Henry was a ‘coward‘ due to fears of violating HIPPA.

The Daily Mail said, “According to the indictment, Gabrielian an instructor of anesthesiology and critical care medicine at Hopkins, told the undercover agent on August 17 that ‘she was motivated by patriotism toward Russia to provide any assistance she could to Russia, even if it meant being fired or going to jail.’”

The profile at Johns Hopkins shows that Gabrielian knows how to speak Russian and earned her medical degree through the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine back in 2012. She then went on to marry Henry in 2015, which is the same year that the major announced he was transgender.

Gabrielian also told the agent that Henry not only had access to key medical information for specific individuals at the base, but he also understood how the United States was training military members in order to provide assistance to Ukraine.

“During that meeting, Henry allegedly told the agent that she had tried to enlist to fight for Russia against Ukraine,” the Daily Mail reported.

‘Henry explained to the [undercover agent that they were] committed to assisting Russia, and he had looked into volunteering to join the Russian Army after the conflict in Ukraine began, but Russia wanted people with ‘combat experience,’ and he did not have any,’ the indictment went on to read.

Henry then said, ‘The way I am viewing what is going on in Ukraine now, is that the United States is using Ukrainians as a proxy for their own hatred toward Russia.’”

On August 31, Gabrielian had a meeting with an agent at a hotel located in Gaithersburg, Maryland, where she offered up the medical records of a spouse from a service member in the Office of Naval Intelligence, along with information concerning a relative of an Air Force veteran. How sick and twisted do you have to be to endanger the families of troops and other assorted members of the military for your own sick and twisted agenda? It’s crazy.

‘Gabrielian highlighted to the [undercover agent] a medical issue reflected in the records of [the military member’s spouse] that Russia could exploit,’ the indictment stated.

“During the August 31 meeting, Henry also handed over medical information on five patients at Fort Bragg, including that of a retired Army officer, a Department of Defense employee and spouses of active and deceased veterans, according to the indictment,” the Daily Mail reported.

The spy couple is also reported to have spoken with the same agent concerning contingency plans for their family should knowledge of the operation be revealed.

‘Gabrilelian suggested a cover story for their interactions, and a plan for Gabrielian and Henry’s children flee the US quickly if Gabrielian and Henry were told to act in a way that could expose their communications and actions to the US government,’ the indictment said.

The Johns Hopkins daughter then told the agent to provide help for their children to get a nice flight to Turkey to go on vacation because I don’t want to end in jail here with my kids being hostages over my head.’

The two are now being charged with conspiracy and wrongful disclosure of individually identifiable health information which means they could face up to 15 years in prison if they are convicted. And they deserve all of that and more.

Johns Hopkins released a statement saying, ‘We were shocked to learn about this news this morning and intend to fully cooperate with investigators.’ 

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